16 Dec 2014

DHI in partnership with Ministry of the Environment, Denmark

Denmark’s Ministry of the Environment has launched a new initiative to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) replace substances of concern in their products.

The collaboration—announced 9 December 2014—will see industry players and universities coming together to find better alternatives to the chemicals used by SMEs today.

DHI will contribute to the project by providing methods and tools that will enable SMEs to identify substances of concern in their product portfolios. We will then suggest alternatives and help them evaluate health and environmental impacts of potential replacements. At the same time, we will also be responsible for a portal which allows SMEs to download online courses and receive assistance from researchers regarding chemical substitutions.

Other partners in the project include the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), British company Risk & Policy Analysts (RPA) and Danish universities in Copenhagen and Aarhus. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will support the partnership financially for the next four years.