22 Dec 2014

Developing a water management plan for the city of Olomouc

As historic references were isolated and too generic, the municipality of Olomouc lacked an overall concept of how to redevelop their existing water management system.

Together with major design and consultancy companies in the Czech Republic, we spearheaded the development of an overall water management plan while working smartly within the allocated budget.

The project—commissioned in December 2012 based on Olomouc’s city development plan and slated to continue into year 2030—comprised three phases covering the city’s water management conditions. In laying the foundation to start off the development, our team elaborated an update of the urban drainage master plan, produced a new water supply master plan and processed a drainage area study. These components were connected into the fourth phase, that is, the reconstruction plan of future developments. This reconstruction plan evaluated the necessity of water infrastructure repairs and assessed the technical and economic aspects of developments in the pipeline.
The team developed models for each phase of the project using MIKE URBAN, which provided the simulation needed to evaluate both present and future conditions. The software tool also allowed us to prioritise the areas to be developed within the reconstruction plan. Our approach addressed long-standing challenges faced by the client and covered all of the city’s water infrastructure in one project. 

Based on the results of this project, a Register of Construction Works across the city was eventually developed using MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI as a support tool for decision making in the city.