19 Nov 2014

Improving knowledge and awareness of eco-efficiency, water use and water quality

We can help you reduce your water footprint and increase eco-efficiency.

Water use and management are key considerations for any organisation in light of growing demand for resources and increasing water scarcity. Water management is required at local, regional and global levels – and this also requires a consistent assessment technique. 

ISO 14046 is the new standard for water footprinting that will provide this consistency and give water footprint results credibility. ISO 14045 (Standard on eco-efficiency assessment of product systems) establishes a common methodological framework to assess both water systems and products as well as the way eco-efficiency can be assessed and reported.

Our services including:
  • setting up water use system and water value chain boundaries, including identifying its actors
  • analysing water footprint and assessing baseline eco-efficiency of the economic and environmental performance of a water service and water use system
  • identifying technologies that have the potential to improve the performance of the water service and water use system
  • conducting scenario assessments of innovative technology solutions by developing predictive technology assessments and comparing them with baseline results
  • recommending improvements for water service and water use systems, including developing business cases
  • assisting with the implementation of the ISO 14045 water footprint standard in industries