27 Nov 2014

DHI India signs a contract with the Government of Goa on Sustainability of Goa waterways

DHI India has recently signed a contract on ‘Assessment of the Sustainability of Goa Waterways’ with the Government of Goa, India.

Mandovi basin in Goa is a virgin basin with very little water abstraction for human use. However, in recent times several irrigation and drinking water projects are being contemplated on this basin. This has raised concerns for the government of Goa about the potential impacts on the downstream flow regimes by the water abstraction. The particular areas of concern are: 

  • Ingress of saline water in the rivers and aquifers that can have a negative impact on the biodiversity
  • Sediment transport and siltation of rivers, canals and estuary that can hamper barge transport 
  • Survival rate of rare aquatic flora and fauna and not least in the biodiversity hotspots
Another added complication is that climate change can alter the mean sea level and the rainfall in the catchment area. 

It was therefore envisaged to conduct a comprehensive study to evaluate the present conditions and the impact of water abstraction. Our team from India will conduct a comprehensive study on the assessment of sustainability of Goa waterways. This will be completed in three major phases: 

  • Rainfall-runoff and river modelling, including sediment yield of the entire catchment
  • Estuarine modelling
  • Baseline biodiversity study

This study will help and determine the impact of water abstraction on the river, estuaries and their ecosystem.