25 Nov 2014

Celebrating GIS Day

Each year in November, the global community celebrates GIS Day. This year on 19 November, we celebrated the day along with the rest of GIS users around the globe.

What is GIS? 

GIS – short for Geographical Information System / science / software / solution / service – is a technology that allows one to discover previously unnoticed patterns, relationships, and trends in data. GIS enables you to manage data, perform advanced analysis, model and automate operational processes. It also lets you display your results as professional-quality maps or even in interactive decision support systems. If you have used your mobile phone to check the shortest route to your destination – you are a user of GIS!

As an expert in water environments, GIS technology is integral to our work in helping us connect spatial knowledge essential for making critical decisions, from local to global scales. We have a growing community of users, specialists and programmers who use GIS technology. Nearly 100 of our colleagues work with GIS to gain insights into geospatial data in a wide range of application areas. 

On 19 November, five of our offices across Asia partook in an afternoon of knowledge sharing and celebration through webinars. This tradition started in 2009 and has since grown in popularity within different offices.

Participants shared GIS tips and tricks as well as examples on how GIS tools and principles are being applied to improve productivity and provide spatial insights for ongoing projects. 

‘It is great to be able to participate and see how other colleagues work with GIS. The tips and tricks are especially beneficial for editing and plotting data in GIS’, said Winnie Lim, Engineer, DHI Malaysia. 

‘The webinar was an excellent opportunity for colleagues to share and learn in a fun environment, while fostering a sense of community across offices in the Southeast Asia region’, said Cuifen Pui, Section Head of Geo informatics, DHI Singapore. ‘We also thank ESRI for sending us boxes of GIS Day notebooks to distribute to our colleagues’, added Cuifen.

The team from DHI Malaysia