14 Oct 2014

Updating flood hazard and risk maps in Slovakia by modelling the Danube River’s floodplains

As part of the Danube Floodrisk project, we conducted hydrodynamic modelling for a 172 km long stretch of the Danube in Slovakia as a subcontractor to Slovak Water Management Enterprise. We also performed numerical simulations of various dike breach scenarios.

Locations along the Danube that flooded almost 50 years ago have since seen significant development. Over the years, the number of industries and the size of urban areas in the Danube’s floodplains have increased. The rising risk of floods rises due to the impacts of climate change could mean increased damage costs in the event of severe flooding. 

The Danube Floodrisk project is designed to help improve flood management along the river by determining the most cost-effective measures to reduce flood risks. We used present conditions to simulate flooding in order to gain new data. To do this, we simulated dike breach scenarios using a two-dimensional (2D) hydrodynamic model with our MIKE 21 FM with flexible mesh. 

Our modelling results provided information about the possible flood threats in populated areas currently protected by dikes. We also used the results of our numerical modelling to determine potential flood damages and the number of endangered inhabitants. This data helped raise awareness of the possible flood risks. The information also contributed to the creation of the Danube Atlas – a book of flood hazard and risk maps for the entire Danube River.