20 Oct 2014

UNEP-DHI Partnership Centre coordinates new Green Infrastructure Guide

Our UNEP-DHI Partnership Centre coordinated the publication of the recently released Green Infrastructure Guide for Water Management: Ecosystem-based Management Approaches for Water-Related Infrastructure Projects.

The guide aims to raise much needed awareness of the benefits of using Green Infrastructure (GI) solutions to address the complex challenges of water resources management. Responses to water challenges are not always a straightforward choice of green (natural or semi-natural ecosystems) versus grey (conventionally built structures such as dams) infrastructure. Certain water management challenges can benefit from a combination of the two. 

Increased efforts to work with GI solutions in water management can result in viable and cost-effective alternatives to grey water infrastructure. GI solutions can also support goals across multiple policy areas, including adaptation to climate change.

As such, the most efficient and cost-effective approach must be found by evaluating all available options based on suitability to local hydrology, resource availability and other variables. A product of the UNEP-DHI Partnership Centre, the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Nature Conservancy and the World Resources Institute, it includes:

  • an overview of GI solutions for water management 
  • an outline methodology for water management options assessment as well as a risk and uncertainty analysis
  • a brief overview of a number of practical tools to support the evaluation of appropriate solutions