13 Oct 2014

Our fourth successful DHI seminar completed in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

On 7 October 2014, 45 participants from municipal, state and federal authorities, private companies and universities gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to learn more about our modelling technologies for water environments. The seminar was our fourth in the country.

The majority of the participants were new to our MIKE by DHI software and as well as the solutions we provide. As such, our experts covered some of our many areas of expertise, including: 
  • modelling in coastal and marine environments
  • decision support systems for water resources management
  • our local area radar (LAWR) 
The seminar presented participants with a great opportunity to familiarise themselves with the modelling tools that are widely applied by consultants worldwide. The participants showed a keen interest in learning about the vast possibilities for local application of these tools. 

Many participants approached the speakers and demonstrated their willingness to utilise our technologies in their own research and studies. ‘The event was excellent. It covered aspects previously unknown to me and the technology applies well to real world problems,’ said Mr Daniel Sperandelli from AES Tietê (a Brazilian energy company). 

Participants already familiar with our technologies had the chance to share ideas and learn more about new features available in the 2014 release of our MIKE by DHI software. This includes the ability for user to improve their modelling performance by using graphical processing units. Our MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI platform and its data visualisation features for mobile devices also drew special attention. 
The city’s beauty, the skilled crowd and the technical quality of the presentations created a warm and welcoming environment at the event.