21 Oct 2014

Helping Sokolov manage its water network in a smarter way

In order to find the best way to operate their water network, Sokolov Water Company (VOSS) initiated a pilot project to study new possibilities to optimise their existing water operations.

In this project, we played a part in:

  • construction and modification of a model within individual scenarios
  • preparation of the model for hydraulic emergency assessment in selected areas of the system
  • calibration and verification of the model
  • implementation of the system online
  • service training

Using MIKE by DHI, we developed a hydraulic model of Sokolov's regional water system to analyse network behaviour in real-time. This model was linked with the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, which transmits measured data to calculate pressure, flow, economical and quality parameters. An Online Manager tool was set up in Internet Explorer for the automatic preparation of data communication, control and monitoring within the system.

Our solution allowed real-time presentation of results by integrating MIKE URBAN and the ArcMap application. Users have the flexibility to create thematic maps of flow, pressure, speed and various evaluations on the piping network. They can also monitor dynamics of hydraulic quantities in real-time and practically create unlimited output of results easily.

This system is now being progressively integrated into VOSS' existing SCADA as a standard operator's tool.