23 Oct 2014

DHI Sweden contributes to flood mapping guidance

Our experts in Sweden contributed to the recently released ‘Guidance for flood mapping of watercourses’ from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap or MSB).

The guidance provides basic information on flood mapping and presents the most common mapping methods. It is intended for use by Swedish municipalities to aid them in planning and procuring flood hazard mapping.

‘These kinds of publications are very useful for municipalities’, says Ola Nordblom, DHI Sweden. ‘They provide basic information about the different steps in a flood mapping study in an easily accessible form. There’s also a special focus on the input data needed to set up, calibrate and run the models’. 

‘The municipalities can use this to plan work and provide correct information and data to the consultant who carries it out’, adds Markus Petzén, DHI Sweden. ‘They also get a picture of the kind of results they will get and how it can be used for risk assessments and physical planning purposes, for example’.  

This is the third flood mapping guidance we have worked on in collaboration with the MSB over the last year. Two previous reports focused on pluvial flood risks. All three guidance publications are available for free on the MSB website.