28 Oct 2014

Creating a storm water management concept for the Skawina Economic Zone

We successfully developed an innovative approach to assess flood risk and directly helped improve the storm water drainage system while protecting the area from flooding in the the Skawina Economic Zone.

Rzepnik River – approximately 10 km long and located in Southern Poland – flows into the Skawinka River, a tributary of the Vistula River. Skawina Water Company needed to ensure that imminent development plans covering a significant part of the Rzepnik River would not increase flood risk in the catchment. 

Basing our solution on the MIKE FLOOD framework, we integrated one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) mathematical models of the urban collection system, river system and floodplains. The modelling allowed us to simulate particular conditions so that we could better derive potential solutions to the challenges.

Our approach of integrated modelling enabled us to verify the performance of the combined drainage system, surface open channels as well as the underground pipe system and its interactions. Integrated hydraulic modelling improves the reliability of proposed measures and brings about overall system improvements. 

In this project, it evaluated the effects of river floods on the area’s sewage system. We provided a solution which not only significantly improved the existing retention system but also positively impacted the collection system of the city.