08 Sep 2014

Participating in the 2014 African Ports Evolution Conference

We took part in the 2014 African Ports Evolution Conference – the premiere maritime forum in Africa.

We used this excellent opportunity to further delve into and learn more about the rapidly evolving African ports market.

Delegates from more than 28 countries attended the conference, which was held from 1-3 September 2014 in Durban, South Africa. It provided future-proofed solutions throughout the continent for:

  • boosting the integrity of port operations
  • modernising facilities
  • increasing bulk containers
Gained from our decades of experience working with port planners and operators around the world, we shared our knowledge of the importance of:

  • understanding the effects of wave and current conditions on port operations and potential expansion
  • taking sediment transport into account when planning coastal developments 
  • ensuring sustainable port developments whilst protecting the marine ecosystem at the same time
Jesper Dørge, our Head of Business Development for Denmark, was one of the speakers at the event. Jesper highlighted the need for proper environmental management of port expansion projects to protect the marine environment. 

‘There was a real and sincere interest from the various port authorities to discuss the environmental constrains associated with the many great port expansion plans in Southern Africa. To help port operators balance the need for expansion with protecting the environment, we presented some of the solutions we have developed worldwide’, said Jesper. 
‘The opportunity to interact with some of the other big players within this market was the biggest takeaway for us here’, he added about the three-day event. 

'The event has given us a much better understanding of the ongoing and future ports development projects. There are many projects in the pipeline and our services are definitely needed here' said Jørgen Erik Larsen, Managing Director of DHI Australia.


Jesper Dørge and Jørgen Erik Larsen from DHI with Manuel Neto (President) and Elvira Juliana (Director General) from Cabinda Port in Northern Angola.