09 Sep 2014

Meet the 2014 Women’s Water Initiative participants

We welcomed eight women to our headquarters on 8 September 2014 as part of the Women’s Water Initiative (formerly known as the Women’s Water Fund).

Open to those working in middle management positions in the water sector, this year’s Initiative is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danida).

Often, women in developing countries are not involved in the water management decision-making process. The Initiative helps women in these countries further their water management careers in order to address this issue. It addresses the under-representation of women in water resources development and management by helping women advance to more senior management roles. 

While at our main office in Hørsholm, Denmark, the participants will take career development and management courses. In addition, they will meet with and visit Danish organisations working in the water sector, as well as participate in one-week internships.

Learn more about the women taking part in the 2014 Initiative:

Felistus Muchape
Country: Zimbabwe
Education: M.Sc. – Integrated Water Resources Management (Land and Water)
Experience:  Provincial Irrigation Engineer, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Irrigation, Zimbabwe, 2007-present; Trainee Design and Sales Engineer, Stewart Lloyds, Bulawayo, 2004-2005
Areas of expertise: Management, monitoring and evaluation of irrigation schemes, Integrated Water Resources Management, transboundary river basins, water supply and water resources

Suly Meilani Hidayati
Country: Indonesia
Education: M.Sc. – Urban Regional Planning and Policy Science
Experience:  Head of Investment Analysis, Ministry of Public Works, Directorate of Water Supply Development, Indonesia, 2014-present; Technical staff, Ministry of Public Works, Directorate of Water Supply Development, Indonesia, 2005-2014; Asset Management Staff, P.T. Thames PAM Jaya (water supply operator), Indonesia, 2002-2005
Areas of expertise: Water supply development, water supply infrastructures, urban water security

Ida Ansharyani
Country: Indonesia
Education: M.Sc. – Environmental Science
Experience:  Programme Manager, Penjaga Pulau Community, Indonesia, 2009-present; Researcher, Centre for Disaster Research Management, Indonesia, 2006-2009; Programme Manager, Yayasan Holi’ana’a, 2007
Areas of expertise: Climate change and coastal community, nature conservation, biodiversity

Rita Dwi Kusumawati
Country: Indonesia
Education: M.Sc.  – Water Resources Management
Experience:  Sub Head (from 2013), Sub-Directorate of River Basin Planning, Ministry of Public Work, Indonesia, 2006-present 
Areas of expertise: Water resources development and management

Susan Nyangwa Mapindani
Country: Zimbabwe
Education: M.Sc. – Integrated Water Resources Management
Experience:  Principal Water Supplies Engineer, Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management, Zimbabwe, 2010-present; Irrigation Officer, Department of Irrigation, Zimbabwe, 2003-2010; Resident Engineer, Zimroads Consultants, 2002-2003
Areas of expertise: Water supply, water resources policies, shared watercourses, irrigation

Zainab Kanamala Mpakiraba
Country: Uganda
Education: M. Eng. Civil Engineering (specialisation in Environmental Engineering), 2011-2014; B.Sc. – Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Experience:  Principal Engineer, External Services Department, National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda, 2013-present; Area Manager – Lugazi Area, National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda, 2009-2013
Areas of expertise: Integrated Water Resources Management, decentralised water supply and sanitation, project monitoring and evaluation, water production/treatment/distribution

Mokgadi Elizabeth Manche
Country: Botswana
Education: M.Sc. – Integrated Water Resources Management (Water Supply and Sanitation)
Experience:  Project Officer, Department of Water Affairs, Botswana, 2010-present; Engineer, Central District Council – Water and Wastewater, 2009-2010; Quality Assurance Supervisor, Kwena Rocla, 2008
Areas of expertise: Development of water and wastewater infrastructure, water and wastewater management, sewage treatment plant processes

Hajra Sana
Country: Bangladesh
Education: Master – Development Studies
Experience: Senior Business Developer, Grontmij A/S, Bangladesh, 2013-present; Innovation Officer, JITA Bangladesh, 2012-2013; Teacher/Coordinator, Chittagong Grammar School, 2011-2012; Project Information Analyst, CARE Bangladesh, 2010-2011
Areas of expertise: Urban water supply and sanitation, sustainable development, water resources management and environment