29 Sep 2014

Developing a water resources information system for the Lake Victoria Basin

Working with the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC), we developed a Water Resources Information System (WRIS), enabling stakeholders to access, share and evaluate available basin data.

Several East African countries depend on Lake Victoria – the world’s second largest freshwater body – for transportation, hydropower generation, food and water. Well-documented environmental changes have occurred in Lake Victoria’s and the basin’s ecosystems over the past several decades. Concerns about these changes led to the creation of the large-scale Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP). 

As part of the LVEMP, we are developing and operationalising a Water Resources Information System (WRIS) for use by multiple stakeholders, including technical and managerial personnel. The WRIS is an innovative solution based on our MIKE CUSTOMISED IMS platform. With easy and robust data exchange, the system helps to: 
  • facilitate shared use of information
  • provide a sustainable and expandable knowledge repository with information from past and future projects
The WRIS contains relevant national and regional data, supporting assessments with a regional perspective. By fostering efficient data and information management at the LVBC, the WRIS will improve and facilitate data collection, transfer, storing, analysis and knowledge sharing. 

It will provide a platform through which the LVB countries can make data and information available (via agreed protocols) while allowing them to also use the WRIS for their own purposes. This will enable stakeholders to make better use of data and utilise study findings – encouraging the creation and sharing of knowledge while leading to improved management and planning.