19 Sep 2014

Implementing a pilot flood forecasting system and encouraging capacity building in Croatia

We have signed a contract with Croatian Waters (CW) and the State Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) to implement a pilot flood forecasting system in Croatia.

The project’s goal is to develop a pilot real-time flood forecasting operating and early warning system for the Sava River – from the Slovenian border to Sisak in central Croatia. This system is an important non-structural measure that is part of the integrated approach to flood protection system harmonised within the Europe Union Flood Directive. 

We will work with PRONING DHI, a local company in Zagreb, to implement the system within our MIKE CUSTOMISED REAL TIME Platform. The year-long, EUR 250,000 project will utilise data from:
  • an existing telemetric network
  • predictions from meteorological models running at DHMZ
  • topographical and additional model data from CW 
The operational forecasting system will utilise the same modelling methodology already used for rivers in neighbouring countries, including the Sava and Soča Rivers (Slovenia), Mur and Rába Rivers (Austria and Hungary), and Enns River (Austria). 

Transferring knowledge to employees of CW and the DHMZ is a key component of this project. This knowledge transfer will ensure the sustainability of the forecasting services in the future by enabling CW and DHMZ to maintain the system and issue flood warnings.