31 Dec 2002

Transfer of the Chemistry Laboratory the MILJØ-KEMI Group

DHI and the MILJØ-KEMI Group enter into an agreement concerning the transfer of the Chemistry Laboratory.

DHI and the MILJØ-KEMI Group enter into an agreement concerning the transfer of the Chemistry Laboratory.

DHI Water & Environment and the MILJØ-KEMI Group, after finalizing the due diligence process, have confirmed the declaration of intend, in which the MILJØ-KEMI Group takes over DHI’s Chemistry Department and appurtenant laboratory activities and services relating to establishment of laboratories, reference laboratories, proficiency testing and reference materials.

The activities taken over by MILJØ-KEMI will be carried on in an independent company with the name Eurofins A/S. The new company, which will continue at its present address at Hørsholm, comprises 25 experienced employees under the leadership of MILJØ-KEMI’s director, Svend Aage Linde.

Focus on quality

Svend Aage Linde has the following comments to make about the basis for taking over the above-mentioned activities from DHI: 'For the past few years we have been experiencing a market consolidation within the laboratory trade – not only in Denmark but also the rest of the world. Increasing demands are made to laboratories to make production more efficient, to shorten delivery times, to develop new methods and to provide consultancy on an international level. These are demands that the laboratories continually endeavour to live up to. However, at the same time there is also the risk that both the users and the laboratories are forgetting one of the most important factors – the quality – or in other words the accuracy of the results and the conclusions, which the laboratories provide, and which form the basis for a number of decisions with great economic and health-related consequences'.

For many years, the most important task facing our new company (formerly a department at VKI) has been to ensure that the authorities and users understood the problem of quality and they have offered many services in controlling the quality of the work carried out by public and private environmental chemistry laboratories’, continues Svend Aage Linde. – ‘We want to ensure this role for the future and we think that this would be best in an owners' group, who has laboratory analyses as the core business. We are also anticipating that Eurofins A/S will expand its areas of activity in the future to, apart from the environment, also encompass the areas of feed and food analyses as well as services to the pharmaceutical industry’, concludes Svend Aage Linde.

Solid foundations

‘Eurofins’ practical experience with the running of laboratories gives a solid foundation for continuing the activities in question without being associated with a GTS Institute (Authorised Technological Service Institute) , which has previously been necessary’ says Asger Kej, DHI’s Managing Director. ‘- On behalf of our clients we are pleased that the company will maintain its focus on quality, which we have worked towards for many years. We look forward to being able to develop the collaboration between Eurofins and DHI in the areas of soil and aquatic environment. We ourselves will continue to operate accredited special laboratories integrated in the departments working with ecotoxicology, soil and waste products, wastewater treatment and ecology,’ concludes Asger Kej.

With this latest acquisition the MILJØ-KEMI Group now has 400 employees divided among 12 production sites in Denmark and Norway. The Group is a part of the international laboratory group, Eurofins Scientific SA, which has more than 50 laboratories and 2,000 employees in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany, the UK, Holland and the USA.

DHI is one of the 11 GTS institutes and one of the world’s leading water institutes. After the sale of the Chemistry Laboratory DHI has approx. 450 employees, 120 of whom are employed in subsidiary companies in Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Portugal, USA, India, Malaysia and Australia.

For further information, please contact:

Asger Kej: phone + 45 45 16 90 00

Svend Aage Linde: phone + 45 70 22 42 66