Get started with ChemManager®

Webinars and free trial

DHI offers webinars (in English or Danish) as well as free trial accounts in order for you to get a feel for the ChemManager software. You are also welcome to browse the ChemManager® user manual.

Please contact and request a webinar, free trial and/or the latest manual. Please state your name, company name and telephone number, as well as email address. You are also welcome to state what you are looking for in a software solution for chemicals management as well as specific questions on ChemManager.


Access to ChemManager® is based on an annual license fee and depends on the number of modules, number of users, number of substance lists, and number of required markets/languages.

Your ChemManager® solution can grow as you wish, starting with the ChemBase module that lets you organize substances, products and companies. We also offer company specific customisations, even custom-building a solution for you based on the ChemManager platform.

For more information on conditions and terms on technical support, see under Support.

Combine outsourcing with software 

Since ChemManager is a web-based solution is it also possible to combine a regular DHI SDS authoring project with the ChemManager® software. SDS authoring is done by our experts (or by you and quality controlled by us) and version control, publishing and managing the documents is done by you – all in the same joint ChemManager® account. We call it a ‘SHEdoc partner’ solution.

Combining outsourcing and software will save you money. If you manage the products, their composition and raw material data in ChemManager®, we can offer SDS authoring at premium rates. We can offer discounts on the software license fee as well, meaning you only pay for the functionality you need and not the functionality you have hired us to use for you.