Chemicals management, regulatory compliance and SDS software 

DHI offers a complete chemicals management software tool, ChemManager®.

ChemManager® is a web based solution for managing data on chemical substances and products, for staying in compliance with chemical regulation and for authoring and translation of Safety Data Sheets.

ChemManager® supports all actors in the supply chain in getting an overview of how their chemicals will be affected by different requirements, and which obligations they have to fulfil.

The ChemManager® solution will provide you with:

  • complete Inventory Management System for substances and mixtures 
  • safety Data Sheet authoring module covering 45 markets/language 
  • management of substances or product-related data or documents 
  • regulatory substance lists for more than 30 markets  
  • reports on yearly substance tonnages across products  
  • compliance check of regulated substances in your products 
  • calculation of GHS hazard classification in compliance with national or regional implementations

ChemManager® and its components and contents are developed and owned by DHI. The system is accessed through secure lines on the internet and maintains your data encrypted on a central server hosted, maintained and continuously updated by DHI.