Aquaculture and agriculture

Supporting the expansion of sustainable food production on land and in water

Food production, water, and the environment are very closely interlinked. Agricultural food production utilises 38% of the world’s total land mass, putting ecosystems and ecosystem services under severe pressure. Landscaping and drainage systems are changing the hydrological balances and runoff patterns. Consumption of huge quantities of water for irrigation can further (through the drainage of nutrients and pesticides) threaten environmental quality. At the same time, aquaculture food production utilises substantial areas in lakes and coastal zones. Aquaculture is also a potential source of nutrients and toxic substances as well as a source of invasive species and diseases carriers. All these factors can threaten water environments.
Contemporary food production puts a substantial pressure on water resources and ecosystem services. With an estimated 2.7 billion additional mouths to feed in 2050, there will be an increasing need for managerial and technological solutions to push food production further towards sustainability.


  • Meeting the increasing need for more efficient and secure food production
  • Increasing environmental sustainability, alleviating threats to water resources and ecosystem services
  • Optimising the management and use of water and land


At DHI, we believe that environmental sustainability is key to ensuring food security. We plan and execute holistic and sustainable management strategies and policies. This way, we pave the way to an economically feasible and environmentally sustainable cultivation of terrestrial and aquatic resources.


We provide knowledge and advanced technology that empower you to make decisions that are both feasible and sustainable. We provide services to ensure environmental clearances and licences. We also help ensure optimised and secured production with:

  • state-of-the-art assessments
  • forecasting and early-warning systems
  • production optimisation
  • risk control services