Responsible business practices

DHI is an independent and private not-for-profit operation owned by a foundation with financial management subjected to third party audits.

In our certified DHI Business Management System – DHIbus – we’ve clearly outlined our business integrity policies as follows:

  • We shall only undertake assignments within areas of expertise where we have the capabilities to deliver efficient and effective services to our clients
  • Our business practices shall be transparent and in accordance with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Code of Ethics
  • We will only solicit consulting work and participate in private or public competitive bidding under the highest standards of corporate ethics and competitive practices and with total integrity in our transactions
  • We will act at all times for the benefit of our clients, and will carry out our services with professional integrity, while not jeopardising the overall interests of society
  • We will act with loyalty towards our clients, avoid any conflict of interest, and inform a client beforehand of any potential conflict of interest that could emerge during the execution of our services
  • We will only offer our services under contracting terms that do not interfere with our independence, integrity and objectivity
  • We will maintain the confidentiality of any information from a client that is obtained in the process of performing our services and keep the documents and reports prepared for a client, confidential
  • We will (in our operations) respect all laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate
  • We will neither endorse compensation or contribution arrangements destined to influence or secure service or product sales, nor seek or accept commissions from suppliers of equipment and services recommended to the clients. In other words, we will not accept any remuneration that could encourage us to offer a biased opinion
  • The promotional activity of the company will uphold the dignity and reputation of the industry. Accordingly, brochures and other formal documents describing resources, experience, work and reputation, will reflect the actual circumstances in a truthful manner
  • We favour a quality-based selection for the contracting of services. If solicited to review the work performed by another consultant, we will act in accordance with our quality and business integrity policies expressed in DHIbus – our certified Business Management System
  • All employees are obliged to work towards preventing situations which may compromise our quality and business integrity policies. They may at any time approach the highest level of management directly, in case of concerns regarding potential breaches of business integrity
  • All members of DHI management are held accountable for the implementation of and adherence to our quality and business integrity policies


We’ve established a DHI whistleblower procedure to safeguard our values and ensure compliance with our policies. Any concern reported will be send to two representatives from our external Board of Directors, who are independent of the daily management of DHI. They will initiate an investigation of the matter reported. Customers, partners, employees and third parties are encouraged to report anything that doesn’t seem right.