Improving the environment

The world is facing challenging megatrends such as urbanisation, climate change, food security and water scarcity.

There is no substitute for water – future development will, to a great extent, depend on how water can be managed and shared, climate change adaptation can be implemented, and water quality can be improved.

Through our global knowledge of water environments, we help shape a better world. We combine physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics in order to develop sustainable solutions that strike the right balance between society’s needs and protecting nature. Using our global expertise in water environments, we develop and use advanced, environmentally friendly technologies, which support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. Our innovative methods and technologies help to:

  • share water
  • improve water quality
  • protect societies against climate change-induced rising water levels and extreme rainfall events
  • limit environmental impacts of new infrastructure
  • protect water environments against invasive species

We have been committed to advancing and sharing knowledge of water environments for over half a century. We believe that we have an obligation to share and help solve the world's key water challenges. Anywhere there are water quantity and water quality problems, you can find us actively developing solutions to improve the environment.

We always keep our own environmental footprint in mind and constantly make efforts to reduce it as much as possible. For instance, we’ve fitted solar panels at our headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark to generate power for a part of our computer server installation. We’ve also installed green roofs to limit runoff and flooding during extreme rainfall events. In addition, our website is CO2 neutral. Through continued efforts such as these, we strive to limit our impacts on the environment.