Corporate Social Responsibility

At DHI, we contribute to sustainability through three focus areas:

We use and share our innovative and global knowledge of water environments to develop sustainable solutions for societies. Our solutions focus on:

  • saving water
  • improving water quality
  • sharing water
  • quantifying the impacts of water
  • protecting society from the effects of water
  • managing water flows

Our fundamentals are our key values, our mission and our vision.

We’ve integrated the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Code of Ethics in our business processes and practices. Our all-electronic Business Management System – DHIbus – ensures that we deliver the highest standards of service to our clients, in accordance with our exemplary quality management system. We’re firm about implementing responsible business practices that promote quality, effectiveness and competitiveness.

Sustainability Reporting

We subscribed to the United Nations Global Compact programme in 2013 and have provided a yearly Communication on Progress (COP) since then.