Business Management System certifications

DHI works in accordance with the management system standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The DHI Business Management System is an integrated system for the management of business, quality, business integrity, environment, and health and safety.

The DHI Business Management System fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (health and safety management). The environmental management as well as health and safety management of the DHI office operations are optional.

The DHI Group ISO 9001 certificate covers:

  • advisory
  • software development, sales, and support
  • research and innovation
  • laboratory testing, analysis, and products
  • capacity development and training courses

As we are in the process of implementing and certifying our common DHI Business Management System system, each DHI company and office may at present have a different status with respect to ISO 9001 certification. Please consult the list of certified companies, sites and scopes available as an annex to the certificate.