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Holding true to our motto of using our global knowledge and to provide you with local solutions, we opened a new Latin American office – in Peru. Along with our offices in Brazil, the establishment of DHI Peru will help us serve the growing needs of our clients in Latin America even better. It will also be the nerve centre for the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru).

We will build on our previous experience in the region, which includes hydropower, mining, agriculture and flood management projects in Peru as well as aquaculture projects in Chile. ‘Our modelling software is already widely used here. We look forward to continuing to deliver high quality service to our clients as we further grow in this important region’, says Robin Marc Dufour, Managing Director of DHI Peru.

Our range of work spans different areas of expertise as well as different regions. Around the world, mining activities tend to raise many questions about their impact on groundwater and surface water. As such, our clients are strongly interested in the integrated solutions our software suite offers – especially the ability to couple surface water and groundwater components in a single modelling platform. We will use our global expertise and experience within the mining sector to help our clients in Latin America and beyond to assess and manage the impacts of these activities in order to minimise risks to miners and the environment.

Chile’s USD 2.9 billion aquaculture industry is quickly becoming one of the country’s most important economic pillars. It is among the world’s leading producers of cultured salmonids and produces about 700,000 tonnes of trout and salmon a year. We will use our knowledge of the aquaculture industry and our advanced modelling technology to ensure sustainable and more secure production.

‘The work we have done in Peru, Ecuador and Chile since 2004 has allowed us to gain considerable experience in mountain hydrology in the Andes, especially within the hydropower sector. We incorporate all of our global hydrology knowledge into our software, which can be used to solve local challenges. ‘In order to openly share this knowledge, we provide support and local training’, says Alejandro Lasarte, Business Development Manager, Latin America.

‘We are trusted experts within the ports and terminals sector in Brazil and have been very active within the mining industry as well. In the coming years, we will continue to expand our knowledge and increase our expertise in this sector by drawing on our rich heritage of experience from around the world’, says Nilson Guiguer, Managing Director of DHI Brazil.

In this newsletter, we look forward to showcasing some of our work in Latin America. Read further to find out some of the projects we have completed in this region and the solution we provide.

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Protecting Guyana from coastal flooding using mangroves
We developed an integrated management system to help Guyana combat coastal flooding events using mangroves. In so doing, we enabled Guyana to protect its coast, businesses and citizens more effectively. Additionally, we also conducted a biodiversity assessment of mangrove sites. This can be used as a baseline for future assessments and as the basis for future management plans for these areas.
Protecting Guyana from coastal flooding using mangroves
Aiding in the renewal of port terminal operating license in Brazil using oil spill modelling
In Brazil, we conducted an in-depth oil spill modelling study in order to develop an Emergency Plan to deal with possible oil pollution for a port operator. Legally required by Brazilian law, the approval of the plan ensured that the port operator could continue doing business.
Aiding in the renewal of port terminal operating license  in Brazil using oil spill modelling
Developing ports, terminals and other marine infrastructure in a cost-effective and sustainable manner
Our solutions are based on in-house front-end technologies and techniques in combination with extensive experience. Our technologies include numerical modelling and physical model test facilities as well as surveying and monitoring of hydrographic, biological and chemical conditions. We have one of the world's leading laboratories for scale model testing. These help support port design optimisation on issues such as design loads and response, wave agitation and breakwater stability.
Developing ports, terminals and other marine  infrastructure in a cost-effective and sustainable manner
Developing valuable software tools for the hydropower industry
We provide accurate and reliable forecasts based on advanced numerical hydrological and hydraulic simulation models. This, in conjunction with efficient optimisation tools within real-time Decision Support Systems (DSSs), helps to radically improve hydropower operations. We have the solutions to support you in managing reservoir sediment and water quality. Our auditing services will help you comply with regulatory requirements. Our technology can be applied to single as well as multiple reservoir systems and can be used for planning as well as real-time operations.
Developing valuable software tools for the hydropower industry
Ensuring minimal environmental impacts from development projects
At DHI, we adopt an ecosystem-based approach to ecological challenges. Our high performance models are applied in concert with accurate field investigations, thus allowing more comprehensive descriptions of baseline components and impact quantifications. We possess extensive ecological research skills and numerical modelling expertise as well as develop environmental technology. With these, we aim to address all challenges related to the uncertainty of EIA predictions, validations and tools.
Ensuring  minimal environmental impacts from development projects
Ensuring sustainable growth in agricultural production
We develop solutions to empower you to make sound decisions to holistically plan and execute management strategies and policies, which help meet future food security needs. We can provide you with everything you need to achieve increased agricultural production in a stable, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
Ensuring sustainable growth in agricultural production
Optimising aquaculture production and minimising its impact on the environment
With 50 years of accumulated knowledge in water environments, we have the requisite understanding of aquatic ecosystems to help the aquaculture industry overcome its challenges. We also have the most advanced technology needed to optimise aquaculture production and ensure its sustainability.
Optimising aquaculture production and minimising its  impact on the environment
Building integrated solutions to solve water-related challenges for the mining industry
We use state-of-the-art, physics-based modelling to simulate and characterise mine water environments. Our solutions are based on robust scientific principles to underpin confidence in the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. We build our solutions around our MIKE by DHI and MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI software platforms. We service our mining clients through a global network of offices in 28 countries— including key mining hubs in Australia, Brazil, Germany, South Africa and the United States.
Building integrated solutions to solve water-related  challenges for the mining industry

Also find material in Portuguese and Spanish

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We provide training courses relevant to water environments all over the world. Recently, DHI Brazil successfully conducted a course entitled ‘Numerical modelling of water in mining’ in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The course helped 19 participants from the Brazilian mining industry, groundwater and mining sectors, consultancy companies, and universities enhance their skills related to water management in mines.

Are you interested in attending a similar course on water in mining? Please contact our local THE ACADEMY by DHI Manager Alejandro Lasarte.

Our next course in Latin America is OIL SPILL ANALYSIS: MODELLING APPROACH, in which you’ll learn how to model the destination and transport of oil in water environments. This course will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 21-22 October 2014.

We also conduct many other courses that may be of interest to you, including:

    There will be an IWRM and climate change adaptation practitioner’s course in Ho Chi Minh City (10-12 September) and in Hanoi (15-17 September). User Group Meetings will follow on 15 September in Ho Chi Minh City and 18 September in Hanoi.
  • MIKE COURSES (New Zealand)
    We have a number of MIKE training courses running 6-10 October, including a MIKE FLOOD on integrated pipes, channels and surface modelling (8-10 October 2012).

For more information about our courses and events around the world, click here.

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Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
15–18 September, 2014
International Conference on Flood Management
São Paulo, Brazil
16-18 September, 2014
Belo Horizonte , Brazil
14–17 October, 2014

Singapore Chemical Industry Council Logistics and Distribution Conference
15 October, 2014
Vietnam Water Cooperation Initiative conference
Hanoi, Vietnam
17 October, 2014
Conference on Acid Rock Drainage & IMWA
Santiago, Chile
21-24 April, 2015

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