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DHI Group / Newsletter #Feb 2014
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Climate change will hit us first through water. With our in-depth knowledge of water environments, we can help you adapt to it effectively.

Higher temperatures and a changing climate are already causing sea levels to rise. In the future, they will engender greater extremes with respect to droughts, rainfall and storms. Climate change will also threaten existing infrastructure that has been designed for a milder climate.

Proofing infrastructure against - and developing infrastructural designs that are resilient to climate change will require significant investments in the coming years. Since the exact consequences of climate change are still uncertain, it's necessary to develop flexible and robust strategies for coping with and adapting to it.

Our comprehensive expertise in water environments can form a sound basis for decision making with respect to climate change adaptation strategies. We've also developed advanced downscaling techniques that will predict future extreme events for precipitation, river runoff, storm surges and so on. These will form the bases for designing infrastructure that are more resilient to climate change.

The downscaling techniques are incorporated in our climate Decision Support Systems (DSS). These techniques predict and visualise the impact on the future climate, based on global or regional circulation model results.

Read the newsletter to find out more about some of our challenging climate change projects.

Best regards,
Kim Wium Olesen
Market Area group coordinator - Climate change

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Modelling future flows of the Nile River
Working with the Met Office Hadley Centre, we've developed new regional climate projections as well as a hydrological and water resources model for the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The regional study will help the NBI countries increase their knowledge of the potential impacts of climate change on the Nile flows.
Cooling System
Improving risk-based design in the face of climate change
The RiskChange project focuses on the changing risk to society from climate change. It seeks to establish a consistent, science-based framework for risk-based design of critical infrastructure, as well as develop decision support tools. To achieve this, we work with and coordinate the efforts of seven project partners.
Pluvial flood management
Groundwater and surface water modelling for the INKA BB project
As part of the INKA BB project, we modelled future groundwater flow and recharge in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, Germany. In so doing, we were able to optimally visualise the future impacts on groundwater levels and quantify the deficits in water availability against the background of reduced groundwater recharge.
Model Warehouse
Modelling the 180 kilometre Limfjord
We used MIKE 21 to determine the correlation between erosion and storm surges, as well as the possible impact of climate change in the Limfjord. In so doing, we gave the Danish Costal Authority the requisite tools for examining future problems involving flooding in the region and advised them on possible solutions.
Local Flash Flood Warning System
Creating a wave atlas
We conducted several numerical model studies to develop a comprehensive wave atlas - an overview of wave conditions in the Danish waters. This product provides easy access to the said wave conditions, including potential effects of climate change on them.
Long - term shoreline prediction
Helping Vidaa adapt to climate change
We conducted extensive hydrological and hydraulic studies on the Vidaa River system. We also conducted comprehensive analyses of the flood risk and the probability of dike overtopping in the near and distant future. Informed decisions on climate adaptation can now be taken on the basis of our projections.
Model Warehouse
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/ THE ACADEMY: Enhance your knowledge

Training and capacity building with respect to climate change are important tasks for THE ACADEMY by DHI. We regularly organise climate change-related training courses and events at our offices worldwide. By attending them, you can learn how to cope with the consequences of climate change in your daily work.

Among our climate change courses are:

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EWEA 2014
Barcelona, Spain
10-13 Mar 2014
Mar /
ChemCon Europe 2014
Istanbul, Turkey
31 Mar-4 Apr 2014
International conference on Desalination, Environment and Marine Outfall Systems
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
13-16 Apr 2014

Computational Methods in Water Resources International Conference
University of Stuttgart, Germany
10-13 June 2014
Hydroinformatics HIC 2014
New York
17-21 Aug 2014
SEPAWA Nordic Conference
Malmö, Sweden
5-6 May 2014

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