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Happy New Year!

We've come a long way in 2013 with respect to our products, technologies and expertise. We spent a significant portion of our time and resources last year on Research and Development (R&D). This is in keeping with our constant efforts to pioneer novel innovations aligned to the latest trends in water environments and the new challenges they face. In this newsletter, we showcase a few of the innovative solutions that we've developed as a result of our intensive research activities.

This year, we'll continue to focus on novel solutions like we've done in the past. We look forward to using our global knowledge and 50 years of international experience in developing valuable solutions and converting them into new businesses.

We are on a quest - to solve the world's toughest challenges in water environments. To do this, we're committed to exploring new water-related challenges and working doggedly to provide our clients with high-value solutions customised to their specific needs.

Enjoy the read and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Integrating knowledge of ecological processes with advanced ecological modelling

Best wishes for a promising and fulfilling 2014.

Warm regards,

Hans Enggrob
Vice President of New business

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Pluvial flood management
Using our software and knowledge, entire cities can efficiently be screened, identifying the most problematic areas with regards to flood risk. We can thereby help you effectively create flood-safe urban developments.
Pluvial flood management
Local Flash Flood Warning System
Our Local Flash Flood Warning System considers the catchment hydrology as a whole - including flood plain and tributaries. It thereby helps to provide you with timely and accurate forecasts necessary for proper decision making.
Local Flash Flood Warning System
Long - term shoreline prediction
Our new shoreline prediction model can be applied to problems over a longer time scale. It can thereby help to predict long-term movements of shorelines and forecast the impacts of coastal structures on coastal processes.
Long - term shoreline prediction
Model Warehouse
The Model Warehouse is a unique solution for your multiple model challenges. It provides a secure framework for managing our software-based models and other supporting files in single or multiple user environments.
Model Warehouse
Energy-efficient cooling systems
Using our research and development resources, we examined various ways to improve the energy efficiency of cooling systems utilising new advanced algorithms based on on-line water distribution models.
Cooling System
Cost-optimised monitoring sensors
DHI Sense is a new series of cost-optimised, mini-sensors for monitoring in water environments. The system design is aimed at optimising the value of measurement campaigns by increasing the number of sensors, while maintaining the overall cost of the operation.
DHI Sense
Exposure Scenarios Training
Our interactive e-learning course helps participants better understand challenging topics related to chemicals legislation, strategy and handling.
Exposure Scenarios Training
Aquaculture site selection
Our innovative solution combines our knowledge of chemical and biological conditions with the three-dimensional (3D) hydrodynamic modelling of our MIKE by DHI software. In so doing, we help our clients identify optimal sites for aquaculture production.
Aquaculture site selection
Optimised UV reactors for water treatment
In order to ensure that UV reactors provide sufficient water decontamination rates, their design and operating regimes must be properly calibrated and optimised. We help to do this by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model combined flow and UV fields in complex geometries.
UV reactors

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/ THE ACADEMY: Enhance your knowledge

Do you wish to improve your understanding of water environments? Are you interested in learning more about our MIKE by DHI tools?

We've just released our new and exciting global course calendar for 2014. We offer courses in a variety of topics related to water environments, MIKE, MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI, Decision Support Systems and Product safety & environmental risk. THE ACADEMY by DHI provides standard courses throughout our various offices worldwide as well as tailored courses to cater to client-specific needs.

Here are few courses to watch out for:

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Read our latest news regarding the implications of chemical substances and their effect on humans and the environment.

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