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It's an immense challenge for our society to ensure healthy ecosystems and at the same time ensure profitable growth in those industries that use and impact the aquatic environment.

In this newsletter, you'll find examples of how we integrate our knowledge of ecological processes into advanced ecological modelling methods to provide solutions to challenges in the aquatic environment.

I encourage you to have a look and be inspired. Enjoy reading the newsletter and do contact us for any further information or assistance.

Integrating knowledge of ecological processes with advanced ecological modelling

Yours faithfully,

Anne Lise Middelboe
Head of Innovation for Ecology and Aquaculture

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Agent-based modelling
Agent-based Modelling (ABM) is used for advanced simulations of behaviour and states of individuals or particles. ABM Lab - now a new feature in our ecological modelling tool ECO Lab - offers a unique integration of agent-based modelling with classical water quality and hydrodynamic modelling.
Providing safe drinking water with the sun
Ecological modelling
Dynamic ecological modelling has been part of our core solutions for decades. Today, we offer state-of-the-art ecological modelling and software to solve challenges in aquatic ecosystems in combination with classical hydrodynamic modelling.
Ensuring sustainable cellulosic bioethanol production
Helping the offshore oil industry assess environmental impact
We conducted chemical and biological monitoring surveys of the seabed around several platforms operated by Maersk Oil. This has helped operators to document their clean environmental records and thereby maintain their operating licenses.
Ensuring sustainable cellulosic bioethanol production
Managing the impacts of underwater sound
We offer a risk assessment that represents a systematic approach to studies related to impacts of human activity-generated underwater sound. This helps reduce the environmental footprint and impact of underwater sound on marine life.
Providing safe drinking water with the sun
Modelling Lake Furesoe
We evaluated different lake restoration measures to properly assess their impacts on the Lake Fureso catchment area. Based on our modelling analyses, the most effective method was pinpointed, contributing to a gradual re-establishment of the natural water balance in the catchment.
Managing hospital water and wastewaters
Coral reef monitoring
Our comprehensive and flexible agent-based modelling tools enable easy development of tailor-made solutions. These help to better understand complex biological/ecological problems facing coral reefs and thereby aid in their protection, while ensuring smooth project approval at the same time.
Danish Centre for Environmental Technology Verification
Protecting Silver Creek's riparian ecosystem
Our cohesive, ecological, hydrological and water quality tool - MIKE SHE ECO Lab - enables the evaluation of alternative management strategies for the Silver Creek River in Idaho. This helps sustainable development, while preserving the unique Silver Creek ecosystem.
Ballast water centre
Aquaculture - from planning to production
A clean technology approach requires modern fish feed production to maximise production while minimising the use of energy and resources and the resulting wastage. Based on our technological and environmental expertise, we supply you with innovative and sustainable solutions to solve these challenges, while allowing for cost-effective production.
Ballast water centre

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Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we constantly strive to advance our global knowledge and make it accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. In doing so, we help people around the world solve their specific challenges in water environments. We've scheduled several interesting training and educational courses for 2013.

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Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation
San Diego, USA
3-7 Nov 2013
Frankfurt, Germany
19-21 Nov 2013

Conference on Biology of Marine Mammals
Dunedin, New Zealand
9-13 Dec 2013
Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2013
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
10-13 Dec 2013

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