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The use of resources essential for industrial production is increasing globally. Industries now use 22% of all available water resources. Apart from the issue of water scarcity, pollution by wastewater and waste discharge impacts the environment and is being regulated with increasing strictness. As such, sustainable water and energy use, waste minimisation & reuse as well as resource efficiency are essential focus areas for more viable industrial production.

We adopt a holistic approach to industrial production and technology.

We provide our expertise in a wide range of projects in the entire industrial value chain, including:

  • optimisation of resource efficiency in industrial production processes
  • pollution control, monitoring of emissions and assessments of alternative water resources
  • support to technology providers in development, testing and verification of innovative, efficient and sustainable treatment technologies

Assessment and monitoring of the environmental impacts of industrial waste streams is also one of our areas of expertise. Our work involves:

  • water audits, water foot print analyses and water risk assessments
  • water and energy savings, reuse and resource recovery
  • emission monitoring, regulation, control and emission reduction
  • laboratory, field testing and verification of technologies
  • waste impact and risk assessment, waste minimisation and reuse

From assisting a Danish food processing company in developing a new closed water loop technology to helping test a solar-based drinking water treatment equipment in Egypt, we work on a variety of projects spanning Europe and Southeast Asia.

For further details on our industry-related work and expertise, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen
Business Area Manager - Industry

/ Get inspired

Ensuring sustainable cellulosic bioethanol production
The production of cellulosic ethanol – a biomass-based form of renewable energy – relies heavily on water. Biotechnology company Novozymes, one of the frontrunners in the bio-energy field, commissioned a study to determine the amount of water used during this process. Using a detailed process analysis, we examined water consumption in cellulosic ethanol production and identified ways to save water.
Ensuring sustainable cellulosic bioethanol production
Providing safe drinking water with the sun
Finding clean drinking water is a daily challenge in many countries around the world. To address this problem, AquaDania A/S developed WaterStillar®, a solar-powered water treatment unit. AquaDania asked us to test their system to ensure its effectiveness even in difficult locations.
Providing safe drinking water with the sun
Managing hospital water and wastewaters
Read our latest Solution Flyer to find out how we can assist you with developing cost-effective ways to manage and treat your hospital water and wastewater.
Managing hospital water and wastewaters
Danish Centre for Environmental Technology Verification
Since 2008, DHI along with five other technology companies has set up a verification and test body in the Danish Centre for Environmental Technology Verification (DANETV), which is today accredited to perform verifications under the EU ETV Programme.
Danish Centre for Environmental Technology Verification
Ballast water centre
We can help provide complete certification of ballast water management systems based on efficient testing capacity, ample options for pilot testing and highly experienced performance evaluation team. Our one-stop-shop concept and flexible approach ensure complete service, meeting your specific needs and challenges.
Ballast water centre
Bioaccessibility of arsenic
Landfilling of Shredder Residue
Scaling of Ballast Water Treatment Systems
Using nano-structured TiON photocatalytic membranes for water treatment
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/ THE ACADEMY: Enhance your knowledge

Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide variety of training courses. We have scheduled many interesting educational courses for 2013. Please, visit our new webpage and our updated global Courses and Events Calendar to check when courses are planned in your region and in your language.

New course calendar - now up and running
Browse our calendar to get information about courses, countries, topics, related software and publications.

As an example of our new calendar, you can take a look at our course on:  Metocean modelling for marine renewables – a two-day training programme introducing you to modelling and analyses for marine renewable energy projects. It helps you understand the benefits and limitations of Metocean design data and guides you to develop them accordingly.

This course will be conducted in English on 30 September - 1 October 2013 in Denmark.

Get an overview of our publications
Each year, we contribute to a number of journals and other publications. The papers are listed on our webpage according to the main theme of the paper.

For instance, you can get a link to an article on deep and shallow groundwater in different climate and permafrost conditions that Lars-Göran Gustafsson from DHI Sweden has contributed to.

If you have any questions concerning papers written by us, please feel free to contact our library.

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Northeast Shore & Beach Preservation Conference
Galloway, New Jersey
9-11 Sept 2013
Coast and Ports conference
Sydney, Australia
11-13 Sept 2013
Sept /
GéoMontréal 2013
Quebec, Canada
29 Sept -3 Oct 2013

Ballast 2013
Busan, Korea
23-25 Oct 2013
International Water Week
Amsterdam, Netherlands
4-8Nov 2013
Water in Mining Conference
Brisbane, Australia
26-28 Nov 2013

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