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We have a long and proud history of applied research, innovation, policy and consultancy covering many aspects of water environments.

We provide our expertise in all phases of a wide range of projects in water environments, with expert services including:

  • baseline ecological surveys and compensation/restoration projects
  • developing new sensors and monitoring techniques
  • habitat modelling to predict marine and inter-tidal habitat distributions across broad areas
  • ecosystem-based management to assess and manage ecological response to impacts and pressures
  • underwater noise modelling and assessment
  • quantitative impact assessment and proactive adaptive environmental management using our MIKE by DHI models
  • developing online operational data management and Decision Support Systems using our MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI software tools and expertise
  • providing environment-based training and capacity building through THE ACADEMY by DHI

Our work also spans a wide range of projects and countries across the globe. Some examples of key DHI environmental projects include:

  • Denmark and Europe – major fixed links, offshore wind farms and coastal zone management projects
  • Asia – mega-reclamation/dredging, master plan feasibility/Strategic Environmental Assessment and ecological compensation projects
  • Australia – major oil and gas, river basin management and aquaculture projects
  • The Middle East – major industrial, port and coastal development projects
  • The Americas – ecological restoration, flood management and tidal power projects
  • Africa – lake & river management and port projects

In this edition of our Newsletter, we are happy to showcase some of our ‘Environment and ecosystems’ projects, services and capabilities. I wish you happy reading, and if you have a challenge to solve in water environments, do give us a call.

Best regards,
Matt Jury
Environment & ecosystems Group Coordinator
Director, Solutions – Singapore

/ Get inspired

Supporting the Wheatstone LNG project
Developing an impact assessment tool (with receptor tolerance limits, impact zones and scenario modelling) to support the Wheatstone LNG project in Australia
We support the wheatstone LNG project
Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan (EMMP) in Perak, MY
Conducting a comprehensive EMMP to minimise impacts of dredging works for a new iron ore distribution centre in Perak, Malaysia
EMMP in Rubiah, Perak
Compensatory mitigation for tropical coastal habitats
Conducting compensatory mitigation projects for coastal developments where impacts are deemed unavoidable
Compensatory mitigation
Protecting Guyana from coastal flooding
Developing an integrated management system to help Guyana protect itself against flooding events using mangroves
Guyana coastal flooding
Conducting pre- and post-construction studies on bird movements and assessment of collision risks/barrier effects of wind turbines
EMMP for Tekong, Singapore
Conducting an EMMP to determine and minimise the impact of coastal protection and restoration works on the mangroves of Tekong Island, Singapore
Tekong EMMP
Encouraging development, protecting the environment
Safe bathing water in the heart of Copenhagen Harbour
Managing the impacts of underwater sound
Mining and environmental impact assessment
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/ THE ACADEMY: Enhance your knowledge

Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide variety of training courses and we have scheduled many interesting and educational courses for 2013. Please, visit our global Course Calendar and Global Events calendar to check when courses are planned in your region and in your language.

Highlighted courses:

Water resources and climate change
We introduce water resource professionals to courses related to climate change estimations and uncertainty assessments. You will learn how to assess the impacts of climate change on water resources through the use of hydrological modelling tools. The courses will also focus on the identification of adaptation measures with particular emphasis on flood and droughts.

Wednesday 28 August – Friday 30 August 2013: click here for more information.

Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
At our EIA course, you will obtain an understanding of Environmental Impact Assessments, their structure and implementation as well as an overview of the various types of environmental impacts and their supporting tools. You will learn to use the Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (RIAM - developed by DHI) and receive a copy of the RIAM software.

Monday 9 September – Wednesday 11 September 2013 : click here for more information.

/ Build your network

International Conference on Flood Resilience
Exeter, United Kingdom
5-7 Sept 2013
International Association of Hydrogeologists
Perth, Western Australia
15-20 Sept 2013

Water Environment Federation
Chicago, Illinois USA
5-9 Oct 2013
Frankfurt, Germany
19-21 Nov 2013

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