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Since our establishment almost 50 years ago, physical and numerical modelling have been our core tools in solving challenges in water environments worldwide. In the early 70's, we laid the foundation for MIKE by DHI – now a globally recognised modelling technology.

Two decades later, we played yet another pioneering role with the development of the advanced numerical Navier-Stokes solver, NS3. In the development of this code, we focussed on the capability to compute dynamic three-dimensional (3D) free surface flow fields. It accurately computes flow fields around and loads on marine structures in harsh environments characterised by highly non-linear and breaking waves. This was a particularly ground-breaking achievement for us.

Since then, our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools have been successfully used for a wide range of engineering applications:

  • to optimise hydraulic structures in relation to power plants (hydro, nuclear and fossil-fired plants)
  • to transform strongly non-linear wave fields over complex topographies
  • to support pump system design
  • to assess mixing of multiphase flows and plume outfalls
  • for urban hydrodynamics
  • for loads and flow fields around various kind of structures
We used CFD to provide a thorough quantitative assessment of the changes in a surfing amenity in response to changes in coastal morphology – thanks to the development of an efficient coupling with our MIKE by DHI wave models. Watch.

We aim to meet the growing need for refined flow modelling in many of our Market Areas, thereby taking CFD even further in a wide range of engineering disciplines and applications. For example the Aquaporin and Hydrovision projects:

Mark Perry, COO of the clean technology company Aquaporin A/S – explains how our Computational Fluid Dynamics expertise
helps them develop biomimetic membranes
for water reuse and desalination.

Thomas Hies, Managing Director of HydroVision Asia Pte Ltd talks about
developing a new acoustic flow meter
using CFD modelling.

Over the years, CFD has become an even more powerful tool. We use it with increasing frequency to better understand and predict:

  • the motion of water and other liquids
  • biological, chemical and sediment processes in various environments

This ultimately leads to improved performance and cost-effective solutions, benefitting our customers and society at large. We are confident that our continuous efforts to develop and apply CFD will greatly impact the water sector over the coming years.

We are also investing substantially in Research & Development (R&D) as well as High Performance Computing hardware. Today, most of our CFD R&D and commercial projects are based on the widely used open source toolbox platform – OpenFOAM®.

This is an exciting time for CFD!

With this newsletter we would like to share just a few of our CFD-related projects and solutions with you. Be inspired – and feel free to contact us to talk about your specific water challenge.

Happy reading.

Henrik Kofoed-Hansen,
Head of department
DHI Denmark

Lars Yde,
Team leader hydrodynamic modelling
DHI Singapore

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Listening to the water
Using acoustic signals to improve flow measurements
Mitigating hurricane storm damage at Falmouth cruise terminal
A multi-modelling approach for wave transformation over a highly complex bathymetry
Navigating the congo river
Investigating ship-flow interactions in stratified waters
Improves water desalination with Aquaporin
Optimising membrane performance production with computational fluid dynamics
Predicting scour in offshore wind turbines – now a breeze
Making offshore wind energy more viable with long-term scour prediction tools

Reducing the hazard of sewage overflows
Using CFD to minimise sewage and storm water contamination of the environment
Understanding water-structure interaction
CFD modelling – our virtual physical laboratory
Hydraulic structures in power plants
Effective CFD tools for modelling flows and loads
Optimising industrial design and operation
Improved hydraulic solutions with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Understanding the effects of riverine forces on eels
Using CFD modelling for the hydropower industry
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/ The Academy: Enhance your knowledge

We co-sponsored a course on marine MetOcean data modelling and analysis for DTU in Denmark.

In January, we organised a high-level training course for students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and University of Copenhagen. As part of the Master's course, the students learned how to use our MIKE by DHI modelling software for offshore and coastal projects. It thereby prepared them for the offshore and coastal engineering challenges of tomorrow.


Through The Academy by DHI, we offer a wide variety of training courses and we have scheduled many interesting and educational courses for 2013. Please, visit our global Course Calendar and Global Events calendar to check when courses are planned in your region and in your language.

16th DHI Users Conference in Tokyo, Japan
The 16th DHI Users Conference (Japan DUC – 2013) will be organised in Tokyo as well as Osaka.

Annual User Group Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand
The User Group Meeting will include (among others) a combination of presentations of the new software features of 'Release 2012' as well as case studies presented by Thai users and our own experts.

/ Build your network

2nd Asia - Pacific Water Summit
Chiang Mai, Thailand
16-20 May 2013
Danish Wind Power Research Conference 2013
Fredericia, Denmark
27-28 May 2013
Floodplain Management Association National Conference
New South Wales, Australia
28 - 31 May 2013
Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center
Golden, Colorado
2-5 Jun 2013
International Conference on Water Resources & Environment Research
Karlsruhe, Germany
3-7 Jun 2013
World Dredging Congress
Brussels, Belgium
9-7 Jun 2013
American Water Works Association's Conference
Denver, Colorado
9-13 Jun 2013

International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering
Nantes, France
9-14 Jun 2013
ASFPM 2013 Conference
Hartford, Connecticut
9-14 Jun 2013
Australian Marine Science Association Conference
Gold Coast, Australia
7 - 11 Jul 2013
ESRI International User Conference
San Diego, California
8-12 July 2013
Ports 2013
Seattle, Washington
25-29 Aug 2013
International Mine Water Association Conference 2013
Colorado, USA
5-9 Aug 2013
StormCon - Storm water Conference
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
18-22 Aug 2013

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