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Every day, people all around the world eat food, take medicine and use technology. Ensuring the safety of the products we use and enjoy is vital for the lives of billions.

With our knowledge, experience and ecotoxicology laboratories, we document the safety of products used in homes and business. We make certain that your meals aren't dangerous for your body. We also ensure that common household products aren't harmful to you, to the environment or to the people producing them.

Recent innovations in nanotechnology, for example, are helping in the development of new kinds of medicine, electronics and materials. But along with technological advances, comes the need to assess the effects of their application on humans and the environment. That's where we come in.

In our laboratories, we study the effects of different types of nanoparticles on aquatic organisms. An example of our expertise in the subject: a European project on risk assessment of nanomaterials utilises our knowledge of the behaviour of nanoparticles.

In addition to our work in nanotechnology, we also ensure the safety of your food. We've recently developed a modelling tool to protect food that many people depend on. Known as 'FoodMathModel', this tool predicts microorganisms in dairy products. Whether you enjoy milk, cheese or yogurt, we use our knowledge to help safeguard the products that you and your family consume. You can read more about this project and others in this newsletter.

We also help industries bring their chemicals to the market by ensuring that the labels and instructions for each country and business are correct. In addition, our experience and know-how helps companies avoid harmful chemicals, substituting them for safe ones. We do this by assessing chemicals for human toxicity, fate and ecotoxicity. Thus, we effectively keep the dangerous chemicals away from you and your business, as well as out of the environment.

Additionally, we ensure that life-saving medication won't hurt you. The pharmaceuticals industry turns to us to develop strategies, monitor clinical testing, interpret experimental studies and assess the safety of products. We do all of this to ensure the security of new medicine.

From chemicals to food ingredients and medicinal safety, we have solutions and tools for human and environmental impact assessments. Our team of experts in our Asia-Pacific regional office (Singapore) or in our headquarters (Denmark) can help you meet your every specific need related to chemicals and products safety.

In this newsletter, we are proud to show you examples of our knowledge developed for public use. We also take this opportunity to highlight the innovative uses of our modelling expertise in new markets. I encourage you to read and be inspired. If you have a question about chemicals, products safety or global regulation, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Helle Westphal
Product safety and environmental risk group coordinator
Head of Environment and Toxicology

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The REACH Chemicals Regulation
One-stop-shopping solution for your REACH registration
Exposure Scenarios In The Supply Chain
Communicating safe handling of chemicals for humans and the environment
Supply Chain Communication
Safety Data Sheets as a vehicle from production to the professional user
Chemicals Compliance Worldwide
Meeting the challenges of implementing and keeping abreast with the GHS
Ecotoxicology Test Methods
Focused and effective testing strategies according to the regulations
The EU Legislation On Biocides: The BPD And The BPR
Taking you every step of the way when placing biocidal products on the EU market

Ecotoxicology And Chemical Safety Assesment
Intelligent generation of data to save time and money
Food And Feed Safety
Ensuring safe products aligned to HACCP principles
Pharmaceutical Products Faster To Market
Professional assistance in toxicology, ecotoxicity testing and documentation
Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Safety assessments and regulatory compliance of cosmetics in the EU
Keeping Dairy Safe
Using modelling to predict the growth of Listeria monocytogenes
'SWING'ing into action
Optimising Indian waste water treatment the SWINGS project
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International Conf on Environmental Pollution, Restoration & Management
Hanoi, Vietnam
4-8th March 2013
SEPAWA Nordic Conference, Malmö, Sweden
Malmo, Sweden
6-7th May 2013
SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting
Glasgow, UK
12-16th May 2013

The XIII International Congress of Toxicology
Seoul, South Korea
30 June-4 July 2013
International Conference on Chemical control Legislation
Seoul, South Korea
9-13th Sept 2013
International Workshop on Phytoplankton Pigment Analysis
Horsholm, Denmark
24-25th Oct 2013

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