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The world's energy demand continues to rise. Several projections for the next three decades imply an increase of 30% or more. Renewable energy resources will cater to a part of this projected increase. However, with 80% of today's energy consumption being covered by fossil fuels, these will evidently also be important 30 years from now.

In the future, some of the fossil fuels may come from less conventional sources, such as the onshore shale areas in North America. However, a substantial portion of oil and gas will still be produced in the offshore environment, and some in deep waters as well as in environmentally highly sensitive areas, such as the Arctic.

Our services to the oil and gas industry cover the initial design phases, the operational phase and the decommissioning phase. We have a rich heritage of knowledge accumulated over the past five decades – and we constantly strive to develop it further. With this global knowledge on water environments, we aim – in close dialogue with our clients– to provide data, information and solutions that can assist our clients in achieving cost effective, safe and environmentally acceptable designs and procedures for their activities. In doing so, we make extensive use of our three key tools: monitoring, modelling and laboratory testing.

The oil and gas industry is known for being global players. Often, local offices of major oil and gas firms undertake significant projects with support from their respective head offices. Our strategy for servicing this business sector is very similar. We have a local presence in different regions across the globe, that can tap into the Group's pool of experts from more than 27 countries worldwide. In this way, we make our global knowledge available locally.

In this newsletter, you will find examples of our activities related to the oil and gas industry. Enjoy the read and do contact us for any further information or assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Vagner Jacobsen

Client executive Oil & Gas

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Quick access to accurate MetOcean data
We develop a comprehensive MetOcean database for the Arabian Gulf
The yellow watchmen
Monitoring buoys ensure environmental safety during offshore pipe laying
Arctic Engineering
Minerals, petroleum and infrastructure projects in the arctic
Increasing safety and efficiency in vessel berthing and operations
An advanced tool for modelling motions and forces of moored vessels

Oil Spill Modelling
Impact assessment and decision support in planning phase and emergency situations
Reliable MetOcean Data
High quality and reliable MetOcean data on Globe
Remote controlled water sampling
Easy sampling of water and fluids with our turnkey solutions
We support the Wheatstone LNG project
Impact studies for one of Australia's largest resource project
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Sustainable Energy Growth
Abu Dhabi, UAE
11-14th Nov 2012
Offshore South East Asia 2012
27-30th Nov 2012
International Conference on underwater system tech
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4-6th Dec 2012
Offshore Middle East Conference
Doha, Qatar
21-23rd Jan 2013
Bahrain International Oil and Gas Conference
10-13th Mar 2013
Asia Pacific Oil Spill Prevention and Preparedness Conference
Queensland, Australia
8-12th Apr 2013

Offshore Technology Conference
Houston, Texas
6-9th May 2013
Computational Methods in Marine Engineering
Hamburg, Germany
29-31st May 2013
International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference
Alaska, USA
30th June -5th Jul 2013
Asia Oil, Gas and Petroleum Conference
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5-7th Jun 2013
International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering
Nantes, France
9-14th Jun 2013
EWEA Offshore 2012
Frankfurt, Germany
19-21st Nov 2013

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