12 Apr 2016

DHI's flood maps used for flood hazard and risk mapping in Slovakia

Flood maps designed using MIKE Powered by DHI’s MIKE FLOOD software were used to establish Slovakia’s flood risk management plans for 2015, in line with European Union Floods Directive.

DHI, together with Stengl a.s., have signed a contract with Slovak Water Management Enterprise to help deliver flood hazard maps and flood risk maps to the EU in line with the compulsory flood risk management plans. Flood maps provide data such as flooding extent and water depth or water velocity which are essential in providing data for flood risk management.

The nation-wide project spanned 559 geographic areas across Slovakia. Using MIKE FLOOD technology which includes MIKE 11 and MIKE 21 FM, we were able to describe the actual topography of the terrain in great detail, providing access to how and how much water flows in river beds and inundation areas around Slovakia. Additionally, the software allowed DHI to calculate water levels on selected river sections, to better chart flood events. With a more holistic picture of possible flood events, better flood mitigation efforts can be put in place.

The models developed by DHI are valuable in providing additional information in flood forecasting and subsequent implementation of early warning systems during urban and crisis planning. With our technology and the data that can be gleaned from it, we would be able to help Slovakia implement cost-efficient flood protection measures and reduce flood risks, and not to mention, increasing overall safety.

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