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Survey & Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring during 2006 of Two Caged Marine Fish Farms in Storebælt

Investigations of sediment chemistry, benthic fauna and growth seaweed in connection with environmental control of marine fish farm in the Great Belt, Denmark. - Reporting of results from measurements of sediment conditions as well as growth rates from seaweed at and around marine caged fish farm in Storebælt.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Current Meter E2 Stigsnæsværket

Current online monitoring system for safe navigation at the terminal
Denmark, 2005-2006

Fine-grained Sediment Transport in Graadyb Tidal Area

Model simulations of the transport and sedimentation of fine-grained sediment dredged in Esbjerg Harbour and dumped in the Grådyb estuary. Establishment of transport pathways and sedimentation patterns. Possible long term consequences on morphology from dumping the sediment in the North Sea.
Denmark, 2004

Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link - Marine Biology Services

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link shall be constructed before year 2018. DHI Denmark and partners are responsible for the development and execution of a state-of-the art and innovative Marine Biology Service that will secure a flawless and timely EIA process.
Denmark and Germany, 2008-2011

FEHY Monitoring System Operation

Design, deployment and operation of three online monitoring stations and ten offline monitoring stations
Denmark-Germany, 2008-2012

Coastal Morphology Impact Assessment

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is undergoing comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment investigations. One of the components is the Coastal Morphology Impact Assessment. Two alternative layouts are going through the EIA investigations, a bridge alternative and a tunnel alternative, respectively.
Denmark/Germany, 2010

Marine Survey and Research for Benghazi North CCPP Project

Benghazi North Combined Cycle Power Plant, Libya. A Marine Survey & Research Study has been made for Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd. to make recommendations for the most suitable layout of intake/outfall structures of the plant in terms of the potential of cooling water re-circulation.
Libya, 2003

Detailed Studies on Tuas View Extension and Pulau Tekong Land Reclamation

Detailed studies of reclamation impacts on hydrodynamics, navigation, morphology, water quality, seagrass, mangrove, coral, aquaculture, fishery and dugongs.
Malaysia and Singapore, 2004

Salalah Port Rehabilitation and Expansion

Data collection and review, wave recording at site, wave transformation study, numerical study of wave agitation at berth, coastline impact study and sediment plume impact study
Oman, 2004-2005

MONITUS, Wave Recordings

In connection with the EU-supported MONITUS project concerning safety of fast-ferry operations, DTU/MEK requested DHI to conduct a 2-month wave measurement program at a deepwater position SW of Palma de Mallorca. The field operations were subcontracted to CEDEX, Spain and DHI provided QA and additional interpretation of the wave data.
Spain, 2003

Burbo Monitoring

Monitoring of current and waves in connection with a wind farm project.
United Kingdom, 2006-2007
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