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Rio Negro Lower Catchment Flood Forecasting - FloodWatch

Set-up and Configure the MIKE FLOODWATCH for the lower basin of the Negro River. This river causes large flooding in the capital city of the Province of El Chaco, Resistencia and neighbouring areas. For this purpose it has been implemented flood protection embankments, several pumping stations and a control structure (pump and gates) to discharge the water into the Parana River. The end user and who will operate the system is APA - Administración Provincial del Agua de la Provincia del Chaco.
Argentina, 2005-2006

Petrobras Terminal in Barra do Riacho

Optimisation of new gas terminal for 60,000dwt tankers in the existing specialty port of Barra do Riacho (Portocel). The study includes wave disturbance study, ship movement study and sedimentation assessments.
Brazil, 2007

Caravelas Dredging Strategy

Aracruz Celulose S.A. Brazil has established a timber loading port in the river mouth at Caravelas. The dredged approach channel silts up with a higher rate than predicted in earlier studies where only sand movement was studied. In this study mud and silt transport were included. Mathematical modelling has been used as a tool during the planning and design of the navigation channel at Caravelas. The objective of the present model is to describe the deposition of sand and mud in the channel. The modelling efforts include the application of advanced hydrodynamic models (MIKE 21 FM) of tides, currents, waves and sediment transport.
Brazil, 2006

TMB Morphological Modelling, Brasil

Morphological modelling of shoreline including artificial sediment bypass.
Brazil, 2006-2007

Portocel Expansion Feasibility

Feasibility study for expansion of the pulp export facilities of Portocel marine terminal. The project includes wave disturbance modelling, sedimentation, coastal impact assessment, and navigation simulations. Subcontractor: FORCE-DMI.
Brazil, 2006

Porto de Santos - Environmental Impact Assessment of Deepening of Access Channel

Environmental Impact assessment of deepening of access channel. Modelling of 3D coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics and sediment transport. Application of MIKE 3 FM MT.
Brazil, 2006

Coastal Studies Marataizes Brasil

Conceptual design of new shoreline management scheme.
Brazil, 2005

53281 Coastal Studies Praia do Paiva

Shoreline stabilisation, assessment of channel backfilling of new access channel in the mouth of the Jabotao estuary - Pernambuco Brasil.
Brazil, 2005

Pipeline, Effluent Outfall Design in Jequitinhonha River

In connection with planning of the pipeline installation at an effluent outfall in the Jequitinhonha Rivert, DHI carried out supporting calculations of the stability of the pipeline as well as the efficiency of the diffusers.
Brazil, 2004

Effluent Outfall Design in Jequitinhonha River

In connection with planning of a new cellulose plant, DHI was requested to provide a review (second opinion) on the feasibility study design for an effluent outfall in the Jequitinhonha River near Itapebi, Bahia in Brazil.
Brazil, 2004

Implementation of a Real Time Reservoir Inflow Forecasting System for Colbún

Colbún HP Inflow Forecast
Chile, 2010-2011

Tsunami Study for Angamos Thermoelectric Power Project

The water level and current conditions for intake and outlet structures for a power plant at Mejillonnes during tsunami events have been investigated by means of DHI's numerical model, MIKE21 HD.
Chile, 2008

Angamos - Cooling Water Recirculation Study

Cooling water recirculation study for Posco Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd. For the construction of Angamos Thermoelectric Power Project in the Bay of Mejillones, Chile.
Chile, 2008

Quintero Bay Chile Cooling Water Study

Cooling water and recirculation study for extension of Nueva Ventanas Power Plant. The study comprises hydrographic survey, 3D recirculation study (MIKE 3 FM), design waves and sediment transport assessment.
Chile, 2006-2007

Hydrologic Modelling and Pollution Control Study for Concepcion and San Vicente Bays

The project comprised a three-dimensional modelling component, a pollution control plan component and a technology transfer component, which mainly focused on the transfer of the models to CONAMA and the training of CONAMA staff in the use of the models.
Chile, 2004-2005

Cartagena Wave Study

The purpose of the study has been to provide extreme wave heights for the design of an outfall near Cartagena. Wave hindcasts using MIKE 21 SW have been made for four artificial hurricanes. Furthermore, fetch diagrams have been applied.
Colombia, 2005

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (RIAM) Training Course

A 5-day course designed to provide a background on EIA with particular reference to the importance of the steps in the EIA implementation process. The course also introduces the RIAM method for EIA.
Cuba, 2003

Soil Erosion Assessments on the Baba catchment

DHI conducted soil erosion assessments for the catchment to the Baba river using the DHI tool SEAGIS. The analysis resulted in estimates of total sediment loss for different land-use scenarios as part of an environmental impact assessment on the Baba dam..
Ecuador, 2006-2007

Channel Connected to Baba Reservoir

A channel is planned to connect the Baba future reservoir with Baba Power Station. The channel passes 3 reaches where the channel needs to be protected. Using NS3 DHI investigated whether it is possible to use concrete blocks as scour protection on the slope of the trapezoidal channel.
Ecuador, 2006

Numerical Analyses of a Labyrinth Weir

Study of the performance of a proposed labyrinth weir to be used as spillway on a planned dam in Ecuador.
Ecuador, 2005

Flood Protection Modelling Carrizal Chone

Modelling different alternatives for the Flood protection of the Carrizal-Chone Irrigation Project (13900 ha) under construction by Constructora Norberto Odebrecht S.A. MIKE 11 modelling system has been applied to simulate alternatives as longitudinal diques, increase hydraulic capacity of the river channels, use of natural depressions to store water, simulation of labyrinth weirs as flood control structures, meandering cuts, operation of the Simbocal barrage to control the salt intrusion.
Ecuador, 2003-2006

Panama Canal Basin Extreme Flows

An integrated and distributed hydrological model in combination with a dynamic river hydraulics model has been developed for risk assessment considering dam operation rules and 1,000 years stochastic rainfall time series.
Panama, 2008-2010

Panama Canal Basin Extreme Flows

Extreme flows, climate change impact, exceedance statistics, integrated hydrological modelling, MIKE11, MIKE SHE, structure operation, rule curves, navigation, multi purpose reservoirs, Panama Canal, basin
Panama, 2007-2008

Review of Salt-water Intrusion and Mitigation Studies and Models for Proposed Post-Panamax Locks

Peer review of the Delft Hydraulics study of salt water intrusion into the Panama Canal locks. The study covers both existing as well as plans for the post Panamax Locks, assessment of remedial actions and proposal for further studies.
Panama, 2005-2006

Nitrogen Complex Marine Terminal, Marcona

Assessment of the wave conditions at the site, vessel motion simulations of a moored bulk carrier, and morphological impact assessment.
Peru, 2009

Drilling Mud and Oil Spill

Modelling and ecotoxicological assessment of spills of drilling mud, drill cuttings and crude oil.
Peru, 2008-2009

Marine Outlet from Mining Activities in Peru, Pre-feasibility Study

Assessment of the potential for building a marine outfall for discharge of process wastewater from the Antamina processing facilities at punto Puerto Lobito, Peru.
Peru, 2006

Climate Change Adaptation Case Studies for IDB

Good-practice guidelines for climate change adaptation elaborated through quantitative and applicable case studies focusing on issues like droughts, glacier retreat, sea-level rise and storm water drainage. Dissemination of the results through workshops.
Uruguay, Peru, Equador, Trinidad & Tobacco, 2011-2012
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