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Ports & Hydraulic Structures

Limioni Port, Physical Modelling

The objective of the project was to investigate the wave conditions in Limioni Harbour, Albania, with the existing layout. Furthermore, a number of breakwater layouts were introduced to reduce the wave disturbance. All breakwaters tested will result in a reduction of the wave disturbance in the harbour.
Albania, 2007

Porto de Dande

Study of marine hydraulic conditions including wave and current conditions, ship response, assessment of sedimentation and coastal impact for the planning and design of large green field multi-purpose port
Angola, 2010-2011

NS3 Model, Hunter Water Pumping Station

The project goals were to develop a 3D NS3 Flow Model for the upgrade work for Balickera pumping station, located approximately 30km northwest of Newcastle, Australia.
Australia, 2007

Tumut 3 Power Station, NS3 Surge Modelling

As part of an upgrade of the turbines of Tumut 3 Hydro Power Station, DHI has investigated surge generated for different operating scenarios
Australia, 2004

Ocean Cay LNG and LPG Terminal

Numerical wave modelling and morphological modelling of the stability of gravel beaches
Bahamas, 2003-2004

Extended Analyses of Wave Forces on GBS

From comparison of NS3 calculations of wave forces on a GBS foundation to forces estimated with the Morison equation it was found that typical force coefficients, CM and CD, gave a too small overturning moment. The coefficients are optimised to overcome this.
Belgium, 2006

Calculation of Wave Force on GBS

Wave generated forces on the GBS for a wind turbine foundation were calculated using the CFD tool, NS3. Furthermore, bed shear stress amplification factors were estimated.
Belgium, 2006

TMB Morphological Modelling, Brasil

Morphological modelling of shoreline including artificial sediment bypass.
Brazil, 2006-2007

Portocel Expansion Feasibility

Feasibility study for expansion of the pulp export facilities of Portocel marine terminal. The project includes wave disturbance modelling, sedimentation, coastal impact assessment, and navigation simulations. Subcontractor: FORCE-DMI.
Brazil, 2006

Coastal Studies Marataizes Brasil

Conceptual design of new shoreline management scheme.
Brazil, 2005

Pipeline, Effluent Outfall Design in Jequitinhonha River

In connection with planning of the pipeline installation at an effluent outfall in the Jequitinhonha Rivert, DHI carried out supporting calculations of the stability of the pipeline as well as the efficiency of the diffusers.
Brazil, 2004

Effluent Outfall Design in Jequitinhonha River

In connection with planning of a new cellulose plant, DHI was requested to provide a review (second opinion) on the feasibility study design for an effluent outfall in the Jequitinhonha River near Itapebi, Bahia in Brazil.
Brazil, 2004

Tsunami Study for Angamos Thermoelectric Power Project

The water level and current conditions for intake and outlet structures for a power plant at Mejillonnes during tsunami events have been investigated by means of DHI's numerical model, MIKE21 HD.
Chile, 2008

Cartagena Wave Study

The purpose of the study has been to provide extreme wave heights for the design of an outfall near Cartagena. Wave hindcasts using MIKE 21 SW have been made for four artificial hurricanes. Furthermore, fetch diagrams have been applied.
Colombia, 2005

Zadar Port, Ship Motions and Wave Agitation

Ship motions are analysed with a combination of MIKE 21 BW and WAMSIM. MIKE 21 BW calculates the wave disturbance inside the planned harbour. Based on these results, WAMSIM finds the ship motions in the time-domain for different scenarios of wave conditions, ship loadings and mooring systems
Croatia, 2006-2007

Port of Hanstholm Expansion

Current and wave modelling,sedimentation study, wave disturbance, breakwater tests
Denmark, 2011-2012

Polar Bear Basin, Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is in the process of extending the present polar bear facility with an entirely new area named the Arctic Ring. Within the Arctic Ring, several basins will be constructed including basins for polar bears, seals, bird areas, etc. The flow conditions in the basins, including their water intakes and outlets, were investigated by DHI using the method of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
Denmark, 2010

Crestwing Model Tests

Model tests with the Wave Energy Converter (WEC), the Crestwing.
Denmark, 2010

FPP Wave Energy Converter

Support to Wave Energy Converter (WEC) development
Denmark, 2010

TEA Wave-in-Deck Load Calculation

The objective of the project was numerical wave-in-deck load calculations on the Tyra East A platform. The numerical model was calibrated based on physical experiments performed for the TEA before the wave-in-deck load calculations for the TEA platform.
Denmark, 2006

Coastal Protection Lønstrup

The project is concerned with the stability of the coastline along Lønstrup. Based on LITPACK results, alternative measures for coastal protection is outlined. The coastal protection will accommodate the recreational use of the area which is not possible today due to severe erosion.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Akzo Nobel Cooling Water Investigation

Assessment of impacts of thermal release to Mariager Fiord from a nutritional salt production.
Denmark, 2005

Korsør Harbour - Modification of Piers and Quay Wall in the North Basin

Evaluation of wave disturbance due to modification of piers and quay walls in the North Basin
Denmark, 2005

Hvide Sande Sluice, Scour Evaluation

The authorities want to increase the inflow and outflow through the Hvide Sande Sluice to the Ringkøbing Fjord. At present, some very large erosion holes in the Hvide Sande Channel have been developed. How the holes will develop in the future has been estimated by a combination of desk study, full-scale measurements, and DHI's in-house refined flow code, NS3.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Wave Run-up on Wind Turbine Foundations, Horns Rev

During two storms platforms attached to the wind turbine foundations were damaged. NS3 was applied to study wave run-up and forces on the platforms, which are situated 9 m above mean sea level.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Initial Dilution of Sun Chemicals Waste Water

Calculation of initial dilution of Sun Chemical's waste water in Køge Bay under present conditions compared to a discharge through Køge Egnens Rensningsanlæg's outfall
Denmark, 2004

Gedser Harbour - New Jetty

Wave disturbance study due to the extension of the jetty Iskajen on the east side of Gedser Harbour.
Denmark, 2003

Thorsminde Port, New Brealwaters

The plan layout of the new protection structures for Thorsminde Harbour has been optimised by use of 2D numerical modelling tools (especially MIKE 21 CAMS) from the point of view of minimising sedimentation of the harbour entrance and maintaining a safe minimum depth.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Coastal Morphology Impact Assessment

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is undergoing comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment investigations. One of the components is the Coastal Morphology Impact Assessment. Two alternative layouts are going through the EIA investigations, a bridge alternative and a tunnel alternative, respectively.
Denmark/Germany, 2010

Rosetta Groin Model Tests

Hydraulic model tests conducted in a 3D wave basin to validate and optimise the design of new groin structure at the Nile Delta coast at Rosetta (Rashid). The main armour layer is of Tetrapods.
Egypt, 2004-2005

Idku LNG Terminal

2D and 3D breakwater stability tests for a new LNG terminal at Idku on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt
Egypt, 2003

Leirvik Havn

Wave disturbance study for new harbour layout
Faroe Islands, 2006

Wave Disturbance in Porkeri Harbour

A new breakwater is proposed to be built at Porkeri Harbour. The main purpose is to shelter the existing harbour against, primarily, south-eastern waves. DHI was commissioned to undertake the assessment of the wave disturbance in the harbour and the effect of the proposed breakwater.
Faroe Islands, 2005

Skuvoyar Harbour

Model tests with investigation of wave disturbance in improved layouts of the harbour. Model tests with investigations of the stability conditions for the breakwater structures in the final layout of the harbour
Faroe Islands, 2004-2005

Klaksvíkar Harbour

Numerical wave simulations with Klaksvíkar Harbour. The purposes were 1) to determine the incoming wave conditions and 2) to determine the wave disturbance in the harbour for different development stages of the harbour.
Faroe Islands, 2004

Wave Conditions at New Land Reclamation south of Bordoyarvik Harbour

Numerical modelling of wave disturbance at Klakvik and establishment of design wave conditions for land reclamation south of Bordoyarvik Harbour. Assessment of design for rock placement for stability and overtopping conditions
Faroe Islands, 2003

Nolsø Harbour - Southern Breakwater

Breakwater stability tests were carried out in a wave basin in order to optimise the breakwater cross-section and the breakwater roundhead
Faroe Islands, 2003

Nouvelle Route du Littoral, Île de La Réunion - 2D and 3D Model Tests

A new 14km long coastal road is planned constructed between the two cities of St Denis and La Possession on the French Island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. DHI has been commissioned to carry out physical model tests to investigate the stability and overtopping conditions of the structures
France, 2011-2012

Tank Failure, Numerical Analyses of Forces on Side Walls

Analyses of the flow from circular tanks during failure. The tank height is from 10 m to 20 m. The hole is 0.5 m x 0.5 m. The force on adjacent walls is calculated and analysed.
France, 2006

Flow model tests with weir structures, Loire

Numerical and physical model testing of weir structures
France, 2003

CFD Model, Intake Jade

DHI has been contracted by FICHTNER GmbH & Co. KG / Gas de France to perform a detailed hydrodynamic study of the flow around two proposed cooling water intake structures at Wilhelmshaven, Jade.
Germany, 2009

Thule Air Base - Landfill Face Stabilisation

Determination of the design wave and ice conditions for a coast protection along three stretches off the coast of Thule and evaluation of the proposals for the coast protection profiles
Greenland, 2003-2004

Tanjung Priok Port Numerical Modelling

Aanalysis of sediment plume and maintenance dredging in connection with extension of Tanjung Priok Port in Indonesia
Indonesia, 2005-2006

Flare Causeway Stability Test, Tombak

3D physical wave basin tests ensured a basis for a safe and reliable design of the large three-legged breakwater flare causeway structure. Through stability tests including more than 13,000 ARCCROPODE? armour units the initial breakwater roundhead design was improved by changes made.
Iran, 2008

Neka Harbour Development

Hydraulic studies were carried out to support the design of an oil harbour extension in the Caspian Sea. The studies included wave climate hindcast and transformation, wave agitation in the harbour, coastline development, sedimentation in the entrance channel, breakwater model tests, and ship manoeuvring simulations.
Iran, 2004-2006

Iranian Seas Wave Modelling Project (ISWM)

The purpose of the Iranian Seas Wave Modelling Project is to provide the Ports and Shipping Organisation of Iran with a database of design wave data for the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman.
Iran, 2003-2005

Gioia Tauro Port Expansion

Consultation for the review of expansion plans and studies. The aim of the expansion is to accommodate a new generation of large container vessels at the port, which is a major transshipment hub in the Mediterranean Sea
Italy, 2005-2006

Livorno Harbour Layout Optimisation

Numerical modelling of wave disturbance for layout optimisation of a new harbour basin in Livorno Harbour, Italy
Italy, 2003-2004

Calata Bettolo, Genova Harbour

Numerical modelling of wave agitation for the development of a new marina
Italy, 2003

Effect of Passing Vessel on moored Vessel at Calata Bettolo, Genova Harbour

Physical model tests to determine the effect on a container vessel moored along the new proposed container quay at Calata Bettolo, Genova Harbour, due to a passing vessel
Italy, 2003

Genova Harbour East Entrance Marina

Numerical wave modelling of wave agitation for the development of a new marina
Italy, 2003

Wave Generating System for KISR, Kuwait

Supply of random wave generating system for wave flume and provision of consultation on model testing
Kuwait, 2005

Old Sirte Fishing Harbour

Optimisation of the layout and design of a new secondary breakwater at Old Sirte Fishing Harbour with respect to sedimentation, wave disturbance in the harbour and hydraulic stability of the breakwater
Libya, 2003-2005

Numerical Analyses of a Labyrinth Weir

The objective of the project was to study the performance of a proposed labyrinth weir in Mexico. A 2D/3D NS3 model was developed and applied in order to determine a QH relation of the flow structure and pressure distribution on the weir walls.
Mexico, 2007-2008

Maasvlakte 2 Breakwater Stability Tests

2D and 3D model tests, 3D tests with short-crested waves.
Netherlands, 2008

Model Tests for EKO Atlantic City Development, Lagos

2D and 3D physical model tests
Nigeria, 2008-2009

Salalah Port Future Development

Investigations of port expansion scenarios and analysis of wave agitation, downtime at berth and coastline impact
Oman, 2005-2006

Salalah Port Rehabilitation and Expansion

Data collection and review, wave recording at site, wave transformation study, numerical study of wave agitation at berth, coastline impact study and sediment plume impact study
Oman, 2004-2005

Review of Salt-water Intrusion and Mitigation Studies and Models for Proposed Post-Panamax Locks

Peer review of the Delft Hydraulics study of salt water intrusion into the Panama Canal locks. The study covers both existing as well as plans for the post Panamax Locks, assessment of remedial actions and proposal for further studies.
Panama, 2005-2006

Nitrogen Complex Marine Terminal, Marcona

Assessment of the wave conditions at the site, vessel motion simulations of a moored bulk carrier, and morphological impact assessment.
Peru, 2009

Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project

In connection with a major expansion of Ras Laffan Port in Qatar, which is one of the world's largest LNG port facilities, DHI conducted extensive mathematical wave modelling studies.
Qatar, 2007

Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project

2D and 3D breakwater stability and overtopping tests were carried out . All 2D tests were carried out with rock armour profiles, including also stability tests with construction profiles. All 3D tests were carried out with Accropodes as primary armour.
Qatar, 2006-2007

Ras Laffan Tender

The purpose of the study is to define alternative proposals for breakwater layout for the Ras Laffan Project. The End Client is Penta Ocean. Penta will use the new layout to put in an alternative tender for the project.
Qatar, 2005

Master Plan for Ras Laffan Port

Hydraulic investigations in connection with preparation of a 20-year master plan for Ras Laffan Port in Qatar to provide for major expansion of the port's gas and liquid product exports and imports of raw materials. DHI's work included review and analysis of recorded hydrographic data, numerical wave transformation modelling, numerical wave disturbance modelling, numerical current modelling and sedimentation assessment
Qatar, 2004-2005

Platform Scour Protection, Sakhalin

Model tests for the platform scour protection including evaluation of the stability of different scour protection layouts, assessment of the scour pattern of the surrounding seabed and evaluation of the stability of the filter layer during the installation phase
Russia, 2004

Manifa Causeway Project. Saudi Arabia - Model Tests of Perimeter Structures

Model testing in 3D wave basin to study and document the stability and wave overtopping conditions of perimeter revetments of artificial islands interconnected by causeways built to accommodate oil production facilities.
Saudi Arabia, 2007-2009

Force on a VLCC from Cooling Water Outlet

The force on a moored ship due to the discharge from a cooling water outlet was estimated. 3D calculations with NS3.
Singapore, 2006

New Clifford Pier, Part II

Earlier studies of wave transmission through the New Clifford Pier pile breakwater, south central Singapore, revealed that the pile breakwater would provide insufficient protection for small passenger boats. To reduce the wave transmission, two alternative breakwater designs were investigated: a pile breakwater with a wave board and a curtain-type breakwater. The required height of the wave board/curtain is determined by 2D hydraulic model tests.
Singapore, 2004

Intake/discharge Structures, Shin-Wolsong 1&2

DHI has investigated the intake and discharge systems and the essential service water system. The investigations were based on desk studies and physical model tests.
South Korea, 2003-2006

Intake/Discharge System/Structures, Shin-Kori 3 & 4

Hydraulic model test for submerged intake/discharge structures of Shin-Kori nuclear power plant, Units 3 and 4, Korea.
South Korea, 2003-2008

Shin-Kori Power Plant Discharge Structure, SKN 1&2

Conceptual design and model tests of submerged cooling water discharge system. The system includes two discharge ponds of 14x14m each, two submerged tunnels, each 5m in diameter, and a total of six diffuser structures placed on the seabed.
South Korea, 2003-2004

Wavemaker, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Wave Generating System, control and data acquisition system and sensors for wave flume
Spain, 2007

MONITUS, Wave Recordings

In connection with the EU-supported MONITUS project concerning safety of fast-ferry operations, DTU/MEK requested DHI to conduct a 2-month wave measurement program at a deepwater position SW of Palma de Mallorca. The field operations were subcontracted to CEDEX, Spain and DHI provided QA and additional interpretation of the wave data.
Spain, 2003

LHI Spareparts - Wave paddles

Spareparts for Wave Paddles
Sri Lanka, 2006

Four Fishing Harbours

Determination of offshore and nearshore wave climate for four fishing harbours of the Oman coast of Gulf of Oman. Derivation and assessment of design wave conditions at the four fishing harbours. Assessment of sediment transport and wave agitation. Wave agitation simulations (MIKE 21 BW) and down-time estimate for revised fishery port layout at Seeb, Oman.
Sultanate of Oman, 2003-2007

Malindi Port Reconstruction

The objective of the study was to assess the possible changes of wave conditions around the wharves if the existing pile supported wharf structures of Malindi Port were replaced by vertical faced quay structures instead of reconstructing the pile supported structures.
Tanzania, 2006

Cyclone Assessment in Gulf of Thailand

Analysis of historical cyclones of the Gulf of Thailand. Selection of most critical cyclone for hindcasting of waves and water level conditions at the bottom of the Gulf. Results to support design of 40km long bridge
Thailand, 2004-2005

Cyprus Water Supply Project

1) Hydrodynamic Experimental Investigations to support the design of the Cyprus Water Supply Project: Hydrodynamic Loads, Vortex Induced Vibration and Stability of the On-bottom to Free Span Transition. 2) Design Review of the preliminary and detailed engineering of the offshore section.
Turkey, 2005-2008

Seabed Lowering

The seabed around the Khazzan oil storage tank has lowered so that a gap has formed between the bottom of the tank edge and the seabed up to 1.5 m. The objective of the study was to verify that the present gaps have developed due to scouring of the seabed over time. DHI's in-house CFD model NS3 was used to simulate the wave and current action around and under the tank. The results from the simulations were used to evaluate the present scouring and to design the gap closure.
United Arab Emirates, 2006-2007

Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island Project Marina and Dredging

Abu Dhabi Saadiyat Island Project Marina and Dredging. Hydraulic studies comprising water circulation study, marina flushing study, wind waves in harbour, erosion and deposition study and sediment dispersal study.
United Arab Emirates, 2005-2006

Waves into the World, Dubai

Investigation of wave penetration through the opening and across submerged perimeter reefs protecting 'The World' land reclamation projects. Study carried out by a combination of wave models. Flushing study of the World has been carried out under a separate project.
United Arab Emirates, 2005

Kirkwall Marina - Layout Optimisation

Hydraulic model tests in 3D wave basin for verification of modified port layout aimed at reducing wave disturbance
United Kingdom, 2005

Wave Run-up, Burbo Offshore Wind Farm

Assessment of wave run-up under different wave conditions. The wave run-up was studied with DHI's in-house CFD software, NS3, that includes the effect of breaking and broken waves
United Kingdom, 2004-2005

Hydrodynamic Modelling Study of Sesan River

A hydrodynamic modelling study is undertaken on the Sesan river for Electricity of Vietnam. The project is concerned with the hydraulic conditons in the river downstream of the hydropower dams in Vietnam. The Sesan river, both on the vietnamese and Cambodian side is considered. Optimisation of reservoir operation is part of the study.
Vietnam, 2004-2005
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