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Offshore Technology

Woodside, Pluto LNG Project

The flow reduction inside the trench for the Pluto offshore gas pipelines is determined by NS3. A range of trench widths, trench wall side slopes, and locations along the route have been modelled. The results have been analysed given a reduction factor on the near bed current speed and poor bed orbital velocity.
Australia, 2005-2006

Otway Gas Pipeline

The design wave-current induced hydrodynamic forces on the Otway Gas Pipeline were calculated by NS3. The pipeline consists of a main pipeline and a piggyback. Various pipeline-piggyback geometries were analysed.
Australia, 2004

Breaking waves, Thornton Bank Offshore Wind Farm

Detailed analyses of wave loads on gravity based foundations from irregular waves with NS3
Belgium, 2009

Installation of Gravity Based Foundation

Physical hydraulic model tests of the installation of the gravity base foundations for the Thornton Bank offshore wind farm, Belgium.
Belgium, 2007

Thornton Wind Farm Model Tests

Physical hydraulic model tests of the installation of a gravity based foundation for the Thornton Bank offshore wind farm, Belgium. Refer to project 11710580
Belgium, 2007

Wind Farm Scour Tests

DHI carried out a 3D series of model tests in order to establish the design basis for the scour protection for a GBS wind turbine foundation of the Thornton Bank Wind Farm, Belgium.
Belgium, 2007

Extended Analyses of Wave Forces on GBS

From comparison of NS3 calculations of wave forces on a GBS foundation to forces estimated with the Morison equation it was found that typical force coefficients, CM and CD, gave a too small overturning moment. The coefficients are optimised to overcome this.
Belgium, 2006

Calculation of Wave Force on GBS

Wave generated forces on the GBS for a wind turbine foundation were calculated using the CFD tool, NS3. Furthermore, bed shear stress amplification factors were estimated.
Belgium, 2006

Tsunami Study for Angamos Thermoelectric Power Project

The water level and current conditions for intake and outlet structures for a power plant at Mejillonnes during tsunami events have been investigated by means of DHI's numerical model, MIKE21 HD.
Chile, 2008

Cartagena Wave Study

The purpose of the study has been to provide extreme wave heights for the design of an outfall near Cartagena. Wave hindcasts using MIKE 21 SW have been made for four artificial hurricanes. Furthermore, fetch diagrams have been applied.
Colombia, 2005

Update of Environmental Design Data for Siri Platform

Update of Environmental Design Data for Siri Platform
Denmark, 2010-2011

Crestwing Model Tests

Model tests with the Wave Energy Converter (WEC), the Crestwing.
Denmark, 2010

FPP Wave Energy Converter

Support to Wave Energy Converter (WEC) development
Denmark, 2010

Anholt Wind Mill Farm, Denmark Environmental Impact Assessment

For the establishment of an approximately 400 MW offshore wind farm near Anholt in the Kattegat, Denmark, DHI and associates were commissioned to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed wind farm including submarine cables and transformer platform.
Denmark, 2009

MOG Iso Design Basis

Update of wind, wave and water level input to MOGenvi.
Denmark, 2008-2010

Horns Rev 2 Transformer Platform

Production of fatigue design data at the position of the proposed transformer station at the offshore wind farm Horns Rev 2.
Denmark, 2007

TEA Wave-in-Deck Load Calculation

The objective of the project was numerical wave-in-deck load calculations on the Tyra East A platform. The numerical model was calibrated based on physical experiments performed for the TEA before the wave-in-deck load calculations for the TEA platform.
Denmark, 2006

Horns Rev 2 - Metocean Study

Provision of metocean design parameters for the wind park Horns Rev 2, located in the eastern part of the North Sea.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Wave Run-up on Wind Turbine Foundations, Horns Rev

During two storms platforms attached to the wind turbine foundations were damaged. NS3 was applied to study wave run-up and forces on the platforms, which are situated 9 m above mean sea level.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Mærsk TEE Load Calculations

Calculation of wave loads on platform deck structure.
Denmark, 2003

Evaluation of Drag Coefficients for H-beams

The wave impact on eight H-profiles was simulated by NS3. 40 different cases, with various spacing and inundation, were simulated.
Denmark, 2003

Numerical Analyses of a Labyrinth Weir

Study of the performance of a proposed labyrinth weir to be used as spillway on a planned dam in Ecuador.
Ecuador, 2005

Baltic Connector

Hindcast of wave and current conditions for future gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia.
Finland, 2005-2006

Borkum Riffgrund Offshore Wind Farm 1 and 2 - Metocean Data

Update of metocean study for the Borkum Riffgrund Offshore Wind Farm to provide extreme and operational parameters covering a total period of 14 years (1994-2007).
Germany, 2009

Iranian Seas Wave Modelling Project (ISWM)

The purpose of the Iranian Seas Wave Modelling Project is to provide the Ports and Shipping Organisation of Iran with a database of design wave data for the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman.
Iran, 2003-2005

Metocean Studies, Snamprogetti - Rammeaftale

Rammeaftale med henblik på Metocean m.v. ad hoc studier
Italy, 2005-2006

Keppel FELS MSSAU-1 Semi-Submersible Platform - Model Tests

Calibration of environmental conditions (waves and current) for physical model tests with Keppel Fels MSSAU-1 Semi-submersible platform carried out by FORCE Technology at DHI's 3D Offshore Facility.
Mexico, 2004

Marine Outlet from Mining Activities in Peru, Pre-feasibility Study

Assessment of the potential for building a marine outfall for discharge of process wastewater from the Antamina processing facilities at punto Puerto Lobito, Peru.
Peru, 2006

Platform Scour Protection, Sakhalin II, Phase 2

Model tests for the platform scour protection for two Gravity Based Structure (GBS) production platforms, PA-B and LUN-A, to be placed east of Sakhalin at 30 m and 48 m of water depth, respectively. The main scope of work covered testing of three types of scour protection design for each platform.
Russia, 2005

Tatar Strait Tidal Forecast

A pipeline connecting Russia to Sakhalin Island is proposed to be built. The pipeline will be built in a relatively shallow area, which necessitates the prediction of tidal level in the area in question. DHI was commissioned to deliver tidal and current forecast based on MIKE21 HD simulations. Tidal constituents were used as boundary conditions in the model.
Russia, 2004

Platform Scour Protection, Sakhalin

Model tests for the platform scour protection including evaluation of the stability of different scour protection layouts, assessment of the scour pattern of the surrounding seabed and evaluation of the stability of the filter layer during the installation phase
Russia, 2004

Arabian Gulf Metocean Database

The overall objective of the project was to develop a database of the metocean conditions in the Arabian Gulf and a graphical user interface (GUI) for the database. The database contains and gives users access to metocean data and statistics of same within the Saudi Aramco operational area of the Arabian Gulf.
Saudi Arabia, 2010-2012

Cyprus Water Supply Project

1) Hydrodynamic Experimental Investigations to support the design of the Cyprus Water Supply Project: Hydrodynamic Loads, Vortex Induced Vibration and Stability of the On-bottom to Free Span Transition. 2) Design Review of the preliminary and detailed engineering of the offshore section.
Turkey, 2005-2008

MCR-A Platform Model Tests

Physical model tests in the DHI offshore laboratory for a coupled system consisting of an installation barge and a Gravity Based Structure (GBS).
Turkmenistan, 2009

Seabed Lowering

The seabed around the Khazzan oil storage tank has lowered so that a gap has formed between the bottom of the tank edge and the seabed up to 1.5 m. The objective of the study was to verify that the present gaps have developed due to scouring of the seabed over time. DHI's in-house CFD model NS3 was used to simulate the wave and current action around and under the tank. The results from the simulations were used to evaluate the present scouring and to design the gap closure.
United Arab Emirates, 2006-2007

Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm - Metocean Study

Metocean parameters relevant to the design, installation and operation
United Kingdom, 2011-2012

GSpan, Saipem

Supply of DHI GSpan software for analysis of pre-spanning pipelines. GSpan is part of the Dynamic Seapipe System (DSS).
United Kingdom, 2005-2006

Lynn & Inner Dowsing Wind Farm

A series of model tests has been carried out in order to establish the design basis for the scour protection and for the determination of wave and current loads on a proposed wind turbine foundation of the Lynn & Inner Dowsing Wind Farm, UK.
United Kingdom, 2005

Wave Run-up, Burbo Offshore Wind Farm

Assessment of wave run-up under different wave conditions. The wave run-up was studied with DHI's in-house CFD software, NS3, that includes the effect of breaking and broken waves
United Kingdom, 2004-2005
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