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Coastal Engineering

Ocean Cay LNG and LPG Terminal

Numerical wave modelling and morphological modelling of the stability of gravel beaches
Bahamas, 2003-2004

TMB Morphological Modelling, Brasil

Morphological modelling of shoreline including artificial sediment bypass.
Brazil, 2006-2007

Portocel Expansion Feasibility

Feasibility study for expansion of the pulp export facilities of Portocel marine terminal. The project includes wave disturbance modelling, sedimentation, coastal impact assessment, and navigation simulations. Subcontractor: FORCE-DMI.
Brazil, 2006

Coastal Studies Marataizes Brasil

Conceptual design of new shoreline management scheme.
Brazil, 2005

Mosede Beach - Detailed Design

Project for improving the conditions at Mosede Beach with respect to deposition of seaweed.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Coastal Protection Lønstrup

The project is concerned with the stability of the coastline along Lønstrup. Based on LITPACK results, alternative measures for coastal protection is outlined. The coastal protection will accommodate the recreational use of the area which is not possible today due to severe erosion.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Hvide Sande Sluice, Scour Evaluation

The authorities want to increase the inflow and outflow through the Hvide Sande Sluice to the Ringkøbing Fjord. At present, some very large erosion holes in the Hvide Sande Channel have been developed. How the holes will develop in the future has been estimated by a combination of desk study, full-scale measurements, and DHI's in-house refined flow code, NS3.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Assessment of Dilution at Kærgård Plantation

Assessment of dilution of percolat seepage from waste deposit in sandy coastal area.
Denmark, 2004-2006

Fine-grained Sediment Transport in Graadyb Tidal Area

Model simulations of the transport and sedimentation of fine-grained sediment dredged in Esbjerg Harbour and dumped in the Grådyb estuary. Establishment of transport pathways and sedimentation patterns. Possible long term consequences on morphology from dumping the sediment in the North Sea.
Denmark, 2004

Extension of Hanstholm Harbour

A 2D numerical modelling study on the impacts of an extension of Hanstholm Harbour on the sedimentation of the outer harbour due to eddies induced on the breakwater heads.
Denmark, 2003

Amager Beach Park, Master Plan and Detailed Design

Municipalities in Greater Copenhagen have decided to create a new beach park at the East Coast of the island of Amager, which is located very close to the centre of Copenhagen in a densely populated area. The present study is the detailed design phase, which also includes preparation of tender documents and construction supervision. DHI is subconsultant to NIRAS on hydraulic matters.
Denmark, 2003-2005

Thorsminde Port, New Brealwaters

The plan layout of the new protection structures for Thorsminde Harbour has been optimised by use of 2D numerical modelling tools (especially MIKE 21 CAMS) from the point of view of minimising sedimentation of the harbour entrance and maintaining a safe minimum depth.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Coastal Morphology Impact Assessment

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is undergoing comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment investigations. One of the components is the Coastal Morphology Impact Assessment. Two alternative layouts are going through the EIA investigations, a bridge alternative and a tunnel alternative, respectively.
Denmark/Germany, 2010

Plage de la Nourriguel, phase 3

2D numerical modelling study for the design of a nourished beach inside the Lorient estuary. The investigations include modelling of nearshore wave transformation, hydrodynamic flow and sediment transport.
France, 2005

Dadar Beach

Dadar - Prabhadevi Beach in Mahim Bay, Mumbai is one of few public beaches in Mumbai. The quality and the area of the beach have been steadily degrading due to in-appropriate building of houses and compound walls too close to the beach, combined with the natural erosion of the beach. A group of concerned citizens represented by P.K. Das & Associates has prepared a restoration project, which includes nourishment of the existing beach in order to widen the beach area. P. K. Das & Associates has commissioned DHI Water & Environment (DHI) to make a coastal study including wave and hydraulic modelling with the objectives of studying beach stability and providing design data for the new beach. Recommendations of grain size, beach slope and beach orientation for the new beaches has been listed in the report.
India, 2003

Tanjung Priok Port Numerical Modelling

Aanalysis of sediment plume and maintenance dredging in connection with extension of Tanjung Priok Port in Indonesia
Indonesia, 2005-2006

Neka Harbour Development

Hydraulic studies were carried out to support the design of an oil harbour extension in the Caspian Sea. The studies included wave climate hindcast and transformation, wave agitation in the harbour, coastline development, sedimentation in the entrance channel, breakwater model tests, and ship manoeuvring simulations.
Iran, 2004-2006

Irish Coastal Strategy II

Development of storm surge model based on MIKE 21 FM, for Irish coasts.
Ireland, 2004

Ireland Coastal Protection Strategy

Ireland Coastal Protection Strategy Study. Assistance to the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resc. for strategic review of coastal protection and examination of policy options.
Ireland, 2003

Metocean Studies, Snamprogetti - Rammeaftale

Rammeaftale med henblik på Metocean m.v. ad hoc studier
Italy, 2005-2006

Venezia Long Sea Outfall

Design and impact evaluation of planned submerged long sea outfall from Fussina to the Adriatic Sea. The impact assessment comprises the MIKE 3 FM model of the Laguna di Venezia and parts of the Adriatic Sea describing currents, fine sediment deposition, eutrophication and heavy metals.
Italy, 2005

Natural Backfilling in Pipeline Trench

Determine the rate and potential of natural backfilling of sand and fine sediments into project pipeline trenches in the North-East Caspian Sea for the development of the Kashagan Oil Field. This shall be used as a decision tool during construction.
Kazakhstan, Rep. Of, 2005

Marine Survey and Research for Benghazi North CCPP Project

Benghazi North Combined Cycle Power Plant, Libya. A Marine Survey & Research Study has been made for Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd. to make recommendations for the most suitable layout of intake/outfall structures of the plant in terms of the potential of cooling water re-circulation.
Libya, 2003

Detailed Studies on Tuas View Extension and Pulau Tekong Land Reclamation

Detailed studies of reclamation impacts on hydrodynamics, navigation, morphology, water quality, seagrass, mangrove, coral, aquaculture, fishery and dugongs.
Malaysia and Singapore, 2004

Salalah Port Future Development

Investigations of port expansion scenarios and analysis of wave agitation, downtime at berth and coastline impact
Oman, 2005-2006

Salalah Port Rehabilitation and Expansion

Data collection and review, wave recording at site, wave transformation study, numerical study of wave agitation at berth, coastline impact study and sediment plume impact study
Oman, 2004-2005

Nitrogen Complex Marine Terminal, Marcona

Assessment of the wave conditions at the site, vessel motion simulations of a moored bulk carrier, and morphological impact assessment.
Peru, 2009

Bangui Bay Windfarm

Coastal and river study for protection of windmills in Bangui Bay, Philippines. Continuation of Project No 53499.
Philippines, 2005

Master Plan for Ras Laffan Port

Hydraulic investigations in connection with preparation of a 20-year master plan for Ras Laffan Port in Qatar to provide for major expansion of the port's gas and liquid product exports and imports of raw materials. DHI's work included review and analysis of recorded hydrographic data, numerical wave transformation modelling, numerical wave disturbance modelling, numerical current modelling and sedimentation assessment
Qatar, 2004-2005

Force on a VLCC from Cooling Water Outlet

The force on a moored ship due to the discharge from a cooling water outlet was estimated. 3D calculations with NS3.
Singapore, 2006

Four Fishing Harbours

Determination of offshore and nearshore wave climate for four fishing harbours of the Oman coast of Gulf of Oman. Derivation and assessment of design wave conditions at the four fishing harbours. Assessment of sediment transport and wave agitation. Wave agitation simulations (MIKE 21 BW) and down-time estimate for revised fishery port layout at Seeb, Oman.
Sultanate of Oman, 2003-2007

Tiran Strait Crossing

A coastal desktop study in order to characterise the coastal stretch in the northern part of the Red Sea. The analysis is based on satellite images and depths extracted from sea charts.
United Arab Emirates, 2007

Saadiyat Island Beach Study

Hydraulic studies for coastal protection and beach development of the north beach of Saadiyat Island. This is part of a major tourist development study,see also project no. 53620.
United Arab Emirates, 2006-2007

Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island Project Marina and Dredging

Abu Dhabi Saadiyat Island Project Marina and Dredging. Hydraulic studies comprising water circulation study, marina flushing study, wind waves in harbour, erosion and deposition study and sediment dispersal study.
United Arab Emirates, 2005-2006

Course in Shoreline and Environmental Management in Dubai

Course in Shoreline Management Guidelines involving the concept of Shoreline Management in the context of ICZM, understanding of coastal morphology and coastal classification, causes of coastal erosion and shoreline evolution, shore protection methods, concepts for artificial beaches and morphological impact assessment.
United Arab Emirates, 2004

Wave Run-up, Burbo Offshore Wind Farm

Assessment of wave run-up under different wave conditions. The wave run-up was studied with DHI's in-house CFD software, NS3, that includes the effect of breaking and broken waves
United Kingdom, 2004-2005

Shoreline Protection Newbiggin Bay

Optimisation of shoreline protection scheme through mathematical and physical modelling. Wave transformation study, local wave-driven hydrodynamics around coastal structures. Shoreline impact assessment. Stability analysis of coastal structures.
United Kingdom, 2003
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