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Cleaner Production/Cleaner Technology

Cost saving measures in natural colour production

Mapping of production processes to identify possible cost saving measures for water use and wastewater emission. The result of the project is a catalogue describing and evaluating cost saving technologies and methodologies.
Danmark, 2004-2005

Regional Effects on Kattegat and Skagerrak of Nitrogen Discharge from FF Skagen

Calculations of regional environmental effects on Kattegat and Skagerrak of reduction in nitrogen discharge from FF Skagen.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Discharge of Medicines and Copper and Calcultions of Excess Concentrations in Lillebælt

Calculations of excess concentrations of cobber and antibiotics in connection with application for enlargement of production on existing caged marine fish farm in Storebælt.
Denmark, 2006

Environmental Application

Documentation and evalutation of previous as well as future environmental impacts in connection with a discharge application for a marine trout farm in the Great Belt. Environmental Impact Assessment in connection with application for enlarging production on two existing marine cage fish farm in Storebælt.
Denmark, 2005

Production of surimi

By-products from herring are used as raw material in the production of surimi. The possibilities of recycling the large quantities of washing water, which are used in the surimi washing processes applying membrane filtration, are investigated in laboratory and pilot scale.
Denmark, 2004

Organic waste from the food industry

Environmental Audits are carried out to map the emission of organic waste from food processing industries in Greenland. Based on the Environmental Audits, technologies for wastewater and waste treatment are identified.
Greenland, 2004-2005

Institutional strengthening for EU implementation of requirements on GMO, IPPC, eliminate change (GHG) and chemicals

Assistance on implementation of EU requirements on chemicals, genetic modified organisms (GMO), BAT (best available technology and integrated pollution prevention and control, climatic change (Green House Gasses, GHG). The project includes transposition of legal acts, development of institutional structures, training, conduction of demonstration projects and general development of policies.
Lithuania, 2003-2004

Environmental Assessment of wastewater discharge from airports

An evaluation of environmental effects from emission of wastewater from Nordic airports is being carried out as part of the project. The wastewater occurs when aircraft and runways are de-iced, and when aircraft are cleaned. The project screens the best available technologies for treatment and reuse of wastewater. A network of environmental managers is established and as a result of the project, a large-scale R&D programme is designed.
Sweden, 2003
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