THE ACADEMY by DHI offers a wide range of of training and capacity building packages ranging from a day up to several months. We design our standard or tailored courses to meet our partners' needs whether you are a water manager, an engineer or a technician. We also have training components related to students, universities and research institutions.

Join our global training and knowledge sharing activities! Courses, user group meetings, conferences, road shows, seminars, thematic workshops and expert round tables organised by THE ACADEMY by DHI improve your skills and enable more informed decision making. Take a look at our course calendar for more information.

We organise courses and training activities at one of our many offices throughout the world, at training facilities, at your premises or at project sites.

  • MIKE by DHI Software courses focus on practical skills, hands-on exercises and on teaching you how to get the most out of your software. Our short courses are modular and allow you to build your expertise step-wise.
  • MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI courses enable you to understand the power of our MIKE CUSTOMISED tools for e.g. building Decision Support Systems (DSS).
  • Thematic courses embrace all our areas of activities such as climate change, coast & marine, surface & groundwater, urban water, environment and product safety & environmental risk. Some of our thematic courses include the application of MIKE by DHI software.


Our trainers (more than 200 in number) are experienced professionals, many of whom are recognised international experts in their fields. Our trainers have a thorough knowledge of the local markets and regulations. The conistent use of expert trainers and facilitators guarantees the quality of THE ACADEMY courses. You always have a trusted advisor at hand.

Want to know more?

International Course Secretariat

Selected Trainers

Environment and Ecosystems

Anders Chr. Erichsen

Environment and Ecology business development manager with solid training experience and a background in ecological modelling of fresh water and the marine environment.


Takahiro Kazama

Takahiro Kazamas key areas of expertise include advanced knowledge of MIKE 3, MIKE 21, MIKE FLOOD and urban issues, especially urban flooding.


Julia Mayer

Julia Mayer is head of the team responsible for FEFLOW training courses. Julia has profound international training experience in FEFLOW and is also involved in groundwater modelling projects.


Julio A. Zyserman

Dr Julio Zyserman is a senior coastal/marine scientist. He has broad experience in coastal engineering, coastal erosion and protection studies, as well as in storm surge and coastal circulation projects.


Colin Roberts

Colin Roberts has over 20 years of experience in mathematically modelling the world of water including hydrology, urban drainage systems, rivers and marine environments.


Niels Hvam

Niels Hvam is a senior engineer specialised in coastal rivers, environmental hydraulics and coastal zone development projects. Niels has been in charge of a large number of modelling studies worldwide and has extensive training experience.

Catherine Dagan

Catherine Dagan has extensive experience teaching urban water and urban flood modelling related courses and years of experience in sewer modelling projects in France. 


Rodrigo Andrade

Dr Rodrigo Andrade more than 12 years of experience in the development and application of numerical models to simulate hydrodynamics, sediment transport and dispersion of pollutants in rivers and coastal areas.


Mathieu Hellegouarch

Mathieu Hellegouarch is a senior engineer at DHI with extensive experience in river and flood modelling projects and training.


Jens Kristian Lørup

PhD in hydrology with profound training and project experience in the fields of hydrology, water resources assessment, and hydrological modelling.


Morten Rugbjerg

Senior Metocean Specialist with profound experience within the offshore, ports and coastal/marine sector and in hydrographical numerical modelling.


Morten Just Kjølby

Morten Just Kjølby has more than 15 years of experience in international urban projects and extensive experience in conducting training courses in MIKE by DHI urban software products and urban climate change and adaptation.


Helle Buchardt Boyd

Helle Buchardt Boyd is a senior toxicologist specialising in food toxicology and food regulation. Conducts training courses within the area of product satefy and environmental risk.