Water utilities

Clean water is a limited resource. It is also a resource which is under increasing pressure. Rapid urbanisation combined with the implications of climate change is one of the major challenges society faces now and decades to come. The lack of clean water severely affects livelihood. The effects of climate change likewise influences livelihood as the risk of urban flooding increases.

The threats and risks can be reduced by adapting to the changes. More clean water can be provided by reducing the vast amount of water which is lost due to leakages. Urban flooding can be reduced by designing and operating the collection systems more efficiently. The capacity of wastewater treatment plants can be increased simply by optimising the various processes. Weather radars combined with warning and forecasting systems can provide better planning and cost-effective solutions. Decision support systems provide the tools for addressing all issues of the hydrological cycle.

Urban water management integrates the various stakeholders and is an important step towards sustainable development.

The future requires innovative solutions based on years of experience and the ability to quantify the implications and develop appropriate measures.

The technology and methods developed by DHI provide the novel solutions.