Water Framework Directive and water resources planning


The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), adopted in 2000, is a milestone in the history of water polices in Europe. The directive establishes a common framework for the sustainable and integrated management of all waters. It covers groundwater, inland surface waters, transitional waters and coastal waters and requires that all impact factors as well as economic implications are taken into account. The ultimate objective of the Directive is to achieve good status of all water bodies in the EU member states and associated states by 2015. Though integrated water management has been the goal for a long time, there is now a legislative incentive to implement this concept fully within a short time frame.

The WFD provides new challenges and opportunities for many consulting companies and organizations. The first task concerned with the classification and addition of typology to the water bodies is almost drawing to an end. The next task will be the river basin plans, where the different elements such as monitoring programmes, plans of measures, economic assessment, etc. will be organized and brought into operation. From the very beginning of the implementation of the directive DHI has been very active in most of the fields covered by the directive and we can offer a range of services and products, which will enable water managers to cope with the tremendous tasks lying ahead.

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Kim Wium Olesen