Pollution loads and water quality

One of the main purposes of water quality monitoring and assessment is the optimisation of the management and evaluation of impact on pollution levels of e.g. oxygen, nutrients, organic matter, bacteria, trace metals, specific organic compounds etc.
DHI offers expertise as well as software for load assessment and pollutant load estimates from point and non-point pollution sources. Our modelling tools combine pollution load data, and hydrological and hydraulic information with knowledge of biological processes, and provide powerful tools in relation to water quality action planning.

Throughout the years data collection and monitoring has been an essential task and today we provide services in relation to basic and more advanced sampling, analysis and interpretation of data.

Special focus is placed on the design and implementation of tailor-made monitoring programmes, including online methodologies and direct access to data for managers and other stakeholders.

DHI has worked intensively with surface water protection and management for public authorities and private companies for more than 40 years. DHI's competences with regard to inland areas cover water quality in lakes, rivers, reservoir and wetlands.

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Torsten Vammen Jacobsen