Irrigation and drainage

Water consumed for irrigation accounts for most of the water used worldwide.

DHI offers services in terms of approaches and solutions to estimate demands and efficient water allocation strategies. These services address irrigation management at field scale, for entire irrigation schemes or in a basin wide water management perspective. DHI expertise also covers water quality issues including salt accumulation in soil and water and the use of wastewater for irrigation.

The strength of DHI's approaches to irrigation lies in integration, flexibility and multi-objective assessment supporting management and end-user requirements.

DHI has carried out projects involving the optimisation of irrigation schemes, reductions in conveyance and seepage losses, hydraulic analysis of canal networks and the operation of structures, the optimisation of crop yield, conjunctive use, water shortage irrigation management, drainage and water logging, impacts of irrigation on basin water management, reservoir operation, forecasting and real time operation.

DHI applies a series of tools ranging from basic soil column approaches, and lumped, conceptual models to comprehensive integrated analysis of irrigation systems. DHI's solutions address issues from the both industrialised world and developing countries, adapting to each individual project depending on scope and the specific local conditions.

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