Integrated water resources management

DHI is one of the leading knowledge providers within the field of integrated water resources management, including river basin management, and hosts three international centres dedicated to working towards integrated water resources management in cooperation with Global Water Partnership, UNEP and WHO. We provide comprehensive expertise together with decision support tools to assist in policy analysis, strategic planning and intersectoral water allocations, ranging from broad-scale national policy and planning, over river basin issues to detailed hydrological and hydrodynamic assessments.

Our customers’ projects often require the integration of various aspects, such as the conjunctive use of surface and ground water, water quantity and quality, irrigation water demand, water use conflicts, and the integration of the natural systems into human (political and institutional) systems. The particular advantage of DHI’s IWRM services is the combination of cutting-edge overall knowledge of IWRM principles and approaches with the latest technology and expertise in IWRM management tools and river basin planning.

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Kim Wium Olesen