Integrated hydrology

Freshwater is a finite and vulnerable resource essential in supporting human life, development and the environment. A growing population results in increased agricultural and industrial activities which stress the freshwater resources. This stress has two primary components: supplies are insufficient to meet demands, and water quality is deteriorating, thus making the available water unsuitable for many purposes and threatening the environmental conditions.

Over the coming decades, water quality will continue to deteriorate and the problems and challenges related to the sustainable use of water resources are likely to increase manifold. As a result, the demand for good quality water for people, agriculture and industry and the environmental threats to the same resource will increase.

DHI is a key player in raising developing approaches and technologies to deal with integrated hydrological challenges. The interaction between the water supply and the threats and provision of technologies and services to handle these challenges are some of our top priorities. DHI has extensive worldwide experience in projects within integrated water resources management including a large number of projects with the application of mathematical models, model transfer and training.

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Torsten Vammen Jacobsen