Groundwater management and protection

Water supply based on clean groundwater is both economically and environmentally desirable and many countries rely partly or solely on groundwater supply. Groundwater management involves a number of engineering disciplines including survey and monitoring, geological interpretation, hydrological assessments, hydrogeological modelling, chemical and geochemical assessments and optimisation. In order to utilise the sparse but valuable freshwater resources, numerous water and groundwater management plans have been carried out. DHI has extensive expertise within all these fields and is involved in numerous groundwater management projects on different scales worldwide. The scale varies from single well field management to countrywide assessment of groundwater resources.

Large subsurface constructions such as train tunnels and buildings often have a large impact on groundwater flow, especially in the construction phase, where groundwater lowering may change flow conditions considerably.

Groundwater management projects, for example the optimisation of groundwater pumping schemes, often involve the development of a groundwater model or even a hydrological model utilising DHI numerical models.