Sediment transport and morphology

River morphology is one of the most complex topics within river engineering, not only because the flow and flow patterns vary in time and space, but also because the coupling to the river valley and channel, in which the flow is contained, varies. Therefore, extensive experience and physical insight into the hydraulic, sediment transport and morphological processes is crucial.

DHI provides expert advice and guidance within the field of river morphology as well as modelling software capable of handling a wide range of morphological problems. DHI has a broad expertise and experience in morphological modelling covering problems such as channel development, river training, bank erosion, reservoir sedimentation, inland navigation, dredging, and bridge scour from projects all over the world. The use of numerical models makes it possible to investigate and quantify the impacts from man-made changes or severe floods by comparing different scenarios. DHI's expertise covers the range from non-cohesive materials such as gravel and sand to cohesive material. The numerical models can be used for both short-term and long-term morphological development.

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Kim Wium Olesen