Mine Water Management

Water surplus, scarcity and quality can have critical impacts on mine production. This can mean the difference between operating at a profit and operating at a loss. DHI provides mining companies with solutions to their water challenges that cannot be solved using industry standard approaches. From exploration and initial permitting through operations and mine closure we can provide the specialist services relating to mine water management.

DHI is a global company providing practical solutions to water challenges for the worlds leading mining companies. We apply our knowledge of water and water environments using water modelling and information management tools that assist mine managers in optimising the use, storage and discharge of water from mine operations. We bridge the gap between the scientific knowledge of water and the application of this science in engineering operations on a mine site. We have a broad range of specialists in hydrology, hydraulics and water geochemistry that can develop effective solutions to mine water quantity and quality challenges.

We have developed a reputation for technical excellence which is respected by both industry and regulatory agencies. Mining companies rely on our knowledge to solve water challenges.

We offer solutions in:
Mine Water Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Monitoring
Mining in the Arctic Environment