Inland waterways

DHI provides a broad range of services within inland waterways transport ranging from the identification of bottlenecks, deriving design criteria for river training works, determining capital and maintenance dredging requirements and the assessment of the impact of measures aimed at improving navigation conditions.

Navigation improvement measures normally will increase the depth of flow during low flow conditions or decrease the radius of the curvature of the fairway. In either case this will most often entail a modification of the river bed with local impact on both the hydraulics and sediment transport and with a potential for triggering overall morphological changes to the river.

DHI provides Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for Inland Waterway Projects in a broad sense in accordance with the requirements from the EU and recommendations in the World Bank and other international guidelines.  Specialised experience covers the impact on flora and fauna of changes in hydraulics and morphology charters of the water bodies and of disturbances and pollution due to changes in traffic intensity. Impact assessments can cover waterways as well as riparian wetlands and adjacent land areas.

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